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Love the outdoors?

We’re always looking for top-notch talent to join our team.


Award winning.

Inspiring the human spirit through outdoor pursuits.

OUTDOORsmart!™ connects recreational enthusiasts with their outdoor pursuits through innovative online learning and social community. Recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies (PROFIT MAGAZINE 500), we’re a marketing driven organization enabled by our executional excellence and digital capabilities. Our lead brand offering BOATsmart!®, is North America’s largest boating educator and Canada’s leading provider of the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

OUTDOORsmart Awards

Lindsey Herrmann BOATsmart Careers

“I love what I do, the team I work with and coming into the OUTDOORsmart! Office everyday. It’s like being at camp with a bunch of good buddies – with laptops.”

– Lindsey Herrmann, Animator

Build your career & your outdoor life.

OUTDOORsmart! values.

We love our customers. We believe in delighting and surprising them every day. And its only right that we do the same for our team members. So be prepared for innovation rewards, company benefits, health subsidies, and dedicated investment in your professional development… wakesurfing, snowmobiling and outdoor sports included. We also have a unique team environment that we’re pretty proud of.

BOATsmart Careers

The team.

Constructively discontent, we’re shaped by our boundless entrepreneurial determination. Our fiercely loyal and invested team strives for greatness in everything we do. We believe in always moving forward, and after more than 13 years, our independent maverick roots still run deep.

The OS! mission.

We believe that spending time in our natural environment is a necessity of the human spirit, and our mission is to inspire that spirit through outdoor pursuits. That means that we don’t just sell licenses. We empower people to create unforgettable outdoor experiences. It’s why we do what we do.

BOATsmart Careers

Live here. Work here. Be awesome.

One region. Countless ways to kick it. Peterborough is a place with soul, surrounded by lakes and nature where the people are genuine. Our creative economy is driven by talented people who enjoy the local landscape, galleries, microbreweries, restaurants, nightlife and an enviable music scene. It’s amazing entertainment without the price tag. Where else can you make your home on a lake and have a 15 min commute to a great job you love? First rate schools and a top notch regional health centre are icing on the cake. No wonder we’re one of Canada’s Most Secretly Awesome Cities (MSN Canada) and just a good place to live and work. Hope to see you soon.

Learn more at

Tanya Ward BOATsmart Careers

“I love working with a team that inspires people to create amazing outdoor experiences. I feel like we’re truly impacting people’s lives in a positive way. Plus I love that we work hard... and play hard.”

– Tanya Ward, Business Manager

Available positions

Position Department Location Start Date More Info
Vice President, Marketing Marketing Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
Content Marketing Specialist Marketing Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
Coordinator, Marketing and Partnership Live Event Marketing Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
Full-Stack Developer Platform Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
Brand Ambassador Live Event Marketing Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
Team Leader Live Event Marketing Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info
UI/UX Designer Platform, Creative Peterborough, ON Immediately PDF Icon More Info

Apply now.

What to include.

What to include is up to you. We don’t just want to know what you’ve done. We want to know who you are, and what you believe you can achieve. Hint: We hire for initiative, intellect, creativity and personality.

What to expect.

You’ll be contacted not just based on your experience, but how you can demonstrate that you’ll connect with our vision and drive our success. We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

How to apply.

STEP 1. Include your resume and a cover letter. Let us know why you’re passionate about this role. STEP 2. Submit an online portfolio and/or link to URLs that communicate what you can achieve. STEP 3. Link to your LinkedIn Profile & Minimum 2 professional references. Feel free to include your social handles if you’d like.

Chris Coles BOATsmart Careers

“Best job ever. Its such a unique and enjoyable opportunity. As a bonus, I work with an amazing creative team I am proud to be part of.”

– Chris Coles, Digital Illustrator




OUTDOORsmart! facts.

We’re outdoor enthusiasts too. So we get it.

Our brand is rooted in a belief that spending time in the outdoors lifts the human spirit. We’re better when we can truly connect with our natural environment. We live and breath each of our sports. In fact, your first day at work, won’t be “work”.

Our vision.

We believe its important to focus on our vision every single day. And here’s what we’re going to achieve:

  • To be an enduring company that truly connects with people

  • To be the undisputed leader in outdoor empowerment

  • To do good, and make a profit

    Success is earned, never given.

    We’ve achieved tremendous success, and since 2011 we’ve been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies (PROFIT Magazine). It’s an awesome testament to the hard work of our team and the fact that we never settle for anything less than best-in-class.

    Team fit.

    Even if you’re an awesome skill-set fit, you may not be selected for a role at OUTDOORsmart!. We’ve committed ourselves to Team Fit. That means your final interview won’t focus on skills or experience – it will focus on how you’ll connect with and enhance our culture.