June 13, 2017

6 Boating Activities Dad Will Love!

With Father’s Day fast approaching on June 18th, many of you may be trying to figure out the perfect gift for dad that shows him just how you feel. We’d like to bet that taking him out for a family boat trip to do one of these 6 activities would mean more to him than any present.

Fathers Day activities for Dad Boating1. Fishing: A classic family boating activity that is just as rewarding as it is enjoyable. Dad will love teaching you how to properly bait your line and seeing your eyes light up when you reel in the big one! What’s better is that you can take back all the fresh fish you’ve caught and make a family meal back on the shore. Exciting and delicious!

2. Water-Skiing: Whether you’re and expert waterskiier or a complete beginner, this is a great activity for families. Dad will love watching you get up on the skis for the first time and teaching you small tips and tricks; and if you’re not a beginner you could even teach your dad a few tricks of the trade. This activity also gives the resident family daredevil a chance to show off their crazy skills.

3. Tubing: If you or your siblings are too young to waterski, or if you just love bumpy rides and killer airtime, this activity is perfect for you. Tubing lets your dad take the whole family out for a spin, and because the tube floats on the water younger kids can be taken for a slow and gentle ride while dad and the older crowd are still able to rip around. Plus, nothing’s more fun than laughing at your friends and family wipe out and go flying off the tube.

4. Wakeboarding: If you and your family already know how to water-ski and want to try something new, give wakeboarding a chance. Give dad the perfect excuse to get on the water and test out new stunts – while wearing a life-jacket of course! Wakeboarding is one of the most popular water sports for youth on the water, making this the perfect excuse to grab a board and get on the water!

5. Swimming: If your family prefer relaxation over water-sports, swimming is a great way to spend time with dad on Father’s day! Drop anchor and hop in the water for some fun in the lake; bringing extra water toys and activities can make this an even better outing. Bring goggles, water balls, inflatable water floats and more to entertain you, dad, your siblings, and the rest of the family for hours!

6. Picnic and Stargazing: Another perfect day trip option for families looking for relaxation time on the water. Pack up your fave snacks and drinks, and get out on the water to watch the stars. One of the reasons stargazing is great while boating is because the stars will be more visible thanks to less glare from city lights. Bonus points if you went fishing with dad earlier and brought your freshly caught dinner as your picnic.

Remember, there must be at least one licenced captain aboard any motorized boat in Canada. How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day on the water? Tag us in your pics using #BOATsmart!




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