September 12, 2017

7 Reasons We Love Boating in Fall

Swimming and sunbathing have lost their luster by September, so we’re swapping these summer rituals for boating and fishing in fall! While many cottagers think the season has passed, there’s no end to the reasons we love to stretch the season and get on the water…

  • Perfect temperatures

It’s all too easy to get burnt out on the boat, as many of us have found out the hard way! UV rays bounce off the water’s surface and your deck, increasing your exposure to the sun. And while sunscreen is still a must-have during the later months of the year, the uncomfortably high temperatures and risk of sun-stroke associated with summer decreases as the temperature becomes more moderate throughout Fall.

boatsmart boating in fall

  • Colourful Views

The blanket of red, purple, oranges and yellows surrounding the water’s edge throughout September and October makes for the perfect boat trip. Where better than the water can you enjoy the lull of the lake while soaking up the panoramic views of Canada in Fall!

  • Wildlife Watching

Fall is one of the best times to experience Canadian wildlife. It’s never a guarantee of course, but from bears in BC and Alberta, to Moose and Caribou in Quebec, it is the season for spotting some of Canada’s most iconic animals from the comfort and safety of your boat.  

boatsamrt bear watching in canada

  • Fall Fishing

The dip in water temperatures means an autumn harvest for Fall fishermen! This is not only the perfect season for catching large-mouth and small-mouth bass, lake trout, walleye and pike but you’re also likely to experience the famous “Salmon Run” as the Atlantic giants swim upstream to spawn.

  • Free and Spacious Waterways

As much as we love sharing the water with our fellow boaters, there’s something magical about sailing with space. Lakes and rivers tend to be far less populated at this time of the year, with more opportunity to soak up the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature in peaceful solitude.

boatsmart fall fishing

  • Family Time

With the kids back to school, work commitments and the general pickup of pace of life after the slower summer months, it’s even more rewarding to kick back on the boat and spend some quality time with the family when you can. Make the most of the weekends before winter hits!

  • Seasonal Sales

Everyone knows the off-season means better prices, so if you’ve been thinking of buying all summer now is the time to do it! Visit your local boat shows and search for reputable dealerships, either locally or online. Your dream boat may be closer than you thought back in May…

boatsmart boating in fall

A word of warning however; there are risks associated with these cooler temperatures and quieter waters. By being fully prepared before you head out, you can mitigate these risks and enjoy the wondrous beauty of the season aboard your boat. Here are some things to be aware of before you head out…

  • Watch the Forecast. Autumnal weather is often ideal for a boating trip, with moderate temperatures well into October, however there is a risk of storms, low visibility caused by fog or plummeting temperatures as the season progresses. Know what to expect by researching the weather forecast close to your trip date and time, and prepare accordingly.


  • Bring a Float Plan. Quieter waters mean that in the unlikely event of an accident, there is less immediate help available and less chance of somebody witness an incident and being able to provide assistance. Prepare a detailed float plan so that friends, family and/or marina staff are aware of your location and itinerary.


  • Wear layered clothing and be aware of the risks associated with hypothermia and cold water immersion. You might feel warm outside, but remember that water temperatures are typically considerably lower, dipping fast from September onward.  


Build memories that will last right through winter by getting out on the water while you still can!




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