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We’re celebrating the best days of summer – August’s Dog Days! From Now until Aug 26th BOATsmart! and Save Our Scruff will be running a contest!

We’re looking for Canada’s 2018 K-9 Captain!

In celebration of National Dog Day on August 26th, we’ll be crowning Canada’s 2018 K-9 Captain! Share your best boating pooch pics now with #SummerDogDays to win!

boatsmart summer dog days

K-9 Captain Paw Pack!

BOATsmart’s 2018 K-9 Captain will win bragging rights as Canada’s most awesome boating dog + official Paw Pack! as well, be featured on our Website & Social Channels!

boatsmart paws pack

Paw Pack Includes : Dog Lifejacket, Waterproof Throw Toys, Dog Food Dish, Boat Pillow & a new leash!

Contest Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize or a prize component with one of equal or greater value, including without limitation, but solely in the Sponsor’s discretion, a cash award.

Official contest rules and regulations

The “BOATsmart! K-9 Captain Contest” (the “Contest”) is brought to you by OUTDOORsmart! Inc. (the “Contest Sponsor”). The Contest starts on August, 14th, 2018, 00:00:00 AM EST and closes on August, 24th, 2018 Time 11:59:59 PM EST > (hereinafter, the “Contest Period”).

  • Eligibility

The Contest is open to all legal residents of Canada excluding Quebec having reached the legal age of majority in their province or territory of residence prior to the Contest Period (an “Eligible Participant”) with the exception of employees of OUTDOORsmart! Inc. and members of their immediate families.

  • How to participate in the Contest

No Purchase Necessary. There are several ways to enter the Contest (each, a “Contest Entry”), namely through Facebook®, Instagram®, and Twitter®. Each Eligible Participant is allowed to enter the Contest through each individual entry mechanism a maximum of once per day.

Below each individual entry mechanism is described:

To enter via Facebook, log online to If you have not yet “Liked” the BOATsmart! Facebook page, you can do so by searching for BOATsmart! on Facebook and clicking the “Like” button. You must (1) have a valid Facebook account; and (2) Post a picture on BOATsmart’s Facebook wall, or mention @BOATsmart! in a post that includes your dog in a boating or water scenario including the hashtag #SummerDogDays. A comment on Facebook posts is not considered a valid method of entry.

To enter via Instagram, you must (1) have a valid, public (i.e. not “protected”) Instagram account and have “followed” @BOATsmart and (2) during the applicable entry period, post an image that (a) tags @BOATsmart, (b) showcasesyour dog in a boating or water scenario; and (c) contains the hashtag #SummerDogDays

To enter via Twitter, you must (1) have a valid, public (i.e. not “protected”) Twitter account and have “followed” @BOATsmart and (2) during the applicable entry period, publish a tweet that (a) tags the official Twitter account of @BOATsmart by including @BOATsmart in the tweet, (b) includes a photo with your dog in a boating or water scenario; and (c) contains the hashtag  #SummerDogDays

This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You understand that you are providing your information to the Contest Sponsor and Contest Administrator and not Facebook, Instagram, Twitter respectively.

  • Prize

There is one prize to be won consisting of a collection of dog toy for the water from Petsmart and the winning photo will be featured on our homepageand Facebook page from August 25th until August 27th. The approximate total value of each Prize is CDN $125 and may include a mix of dog toys and supplies, food dish, pillow and leash.

  • Winner Selection

On August 24th, 2018 the “Judging Date”, three staff members or representatives of Contest Sponsor (collectively, the “Judges”) will judge the contents of all eligible Contest Entries received during the Contest Period up to each Judging Date based on the following criteria (the “Criteria”): creativity/originality (35%), quality of submission (35%) and relevance to Contest theme (30%). On each of the Judging Dates, the most compelling submission (as determined by the Judges in their absolute discretion pursuant to the application of the Criteria) from among all eligible Contest Entries received during the Contest Period up to each Judging Date will be deemed a winning submission. The Eligible Participant who submitted each such potential winning submission will be deemed the winner of the Prize. The decisions of the Judges shall be final and binding (and without appeal) and may not be challenged in any way. In the event of a tie for any potential winning submission, the score for relevance to Contest theme will be used as a tiebreaker to determine the winning submission. Limit of one (1) Prize per Eligible Participant during the Contest Period.

The winner will be selected Thursday, August 24th, 2018. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible Contest Entries received during the Contest Period and how each submission scores against the Criteria.

  • Claiming of Prizes

In order to be declared a winner and be able to claim a Prize, the Eligible Participant selected by the Judges will be contacted by direct message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by the Contest Sponsor, shortly following the draw and must confirm acceptance as a selected Eligible Participant within one (1) calendar days of contact. If the selected Eligible Participant cannot be contacted, another Eligible Participant will be selected by the Judges. Before being declared a winner, each selected Eligible Participant will be required to answer a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question and sign a release and waiver form confirming, without limitation, that:

  • He/she complies with the eligibility requirements;
  • The contents of his/her Contest Entry is original and does not infringe any third party rights (e.g. image, photograph, etc. that are posted);
  • he/she has read the Contest rules and regulations and complies completely;
  • he/she accepts the Prize as awarded;
  • he/she acknowledges the Contest Sponsor’s right to publish his/her picture, name and city of residence without compensation other than the Prize offered;
  • he/she successfully answers a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question; and
  • he/she releases and agrees to hold harmless of all liability the Contest Sponsor, Contest Administrator and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, media partners, advertising, promotional agencies and each of the foregoing entities’ directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents.

No correspondence will be undertaken except with the selected Eligible Participants whose Contest Entry was drawn. Once an Eligible Participant is declared a winner by Contest Sponsor, Contest Sponsor will send the Eligible Participant a letter containing the details on how to redeem his/her Prize (i.e. shipping or pick up of prizes).

  • General Terms and Conditions

All entries submitted, and all information provided, by Eligible Participants must be complete and accurate. Contest Sponsor will not be held responsible for any technological malfunctions, telephone or internet interruptions and/or any late/incomplete/erroneously completed Prize claims or release and waiver forms. Furthermore, each Eligible Participant is responsible for ensuring that content posted or displayed as part of his/her Contest Entry is original and does not infringe, misappropriate or violate a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, each Eligible Participant represents and warrants that any photos and/or videos to be posted or displayed by him/her will be the original creation of the Eligible Participant and that he/she owns all rights, including copyright, therein and that all persons, if any, other than the Eligible Participants whose image appears in any such photos and/or videos has expressly consented to the posting or display of such photo by the Eligible Participant as contemplated by these Contest rules and regulations.

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#SummerDogDays Contest

OUTDOORsmart Inc.

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After completing your BOATsmart! safe boating exam, you will be familiar with the rules of navigation across Canadian waterways. However, if you have not yet completed your course, or are a fully licensed boater who needs a refresher, check out this crash course in boat navigation!

Safe Boating Tip: Even with the Navigation Rules in place, you should never presume the actions of others and always proceed with caution.

Common Boat Navigation Rule Violations

Like the rules that apply to driving a car on a highway, there are rules of the water that boaters must follow when on the waterways. As a boat operator, you must practice good seamanship and obey both Inland and International Navigation Rules. The most common violations are not maintaining a proper lookout and excessive speeding. To make sure you do not fall victim to the these violations, follow these BOATsmart! top tips for navigating safely in Canadian waters.

Maintaining a Proper Lookout

Boat operators must maintain a proper lookout at all times by sight and hearing. You must be able to clearly see all of your surroundings and to recognize if there is the risk of collision with another boat or obstacle. If you are boating with a crew, it is helpful to assign a passenger to act as your lookout, who can help you by staying alert for oncoming traffic, local hazards and swimmers.

Operating at a Safe Speed

Boat operators must always obey posted speed limits and operate at a safe speed when a speed limit is not posted. A safe speed is the speed that allows you to take proper and effective action to avoid a collision and will allow you to stop your boat within a safe distance in relation to everything from hazards and obstructions, your distance from shore, the dock and other boat traffic, the boat’s draft in relation to the depth of the water, a person being towed on a tube, wakeboard, etc. A safe speed should also take into account the current weather and water conditions (such as fog, rain and rough water), the presence of background lights at night and the maneuverability of your boat.

Determining Your Position and Course of Direction

When in boating traffic, you can determine who has the right-of-way by figuring out each boat’s position relative to the other on the water using the ‘sectors’ of navigation. The sectors of navigation include: The port sector, the starboard sector and the stern sector.

boatsmart navigation stern and starboard

Determining the Risk of Collision

As a boat operator, you are required to use every means possible to identify the risk of collision. If you can’t confirm by looking and listening whether the possibility of a collision exists, then you must always assume that the risk DOES EXIST and take the appropriate actions to remain safe. The Coast Guard asks all boaters to recognize that the risk of collision is still possible even if a boat changes direction, especially if it is a large boat, a tow boat or a boat at close range.

To determine which boat has the right-of-way, you must first understand right-of-way terminology:

Stand-on craft: Boats with the right-of-way are called the ‘stand-on craft’. Stand-on craft are able to maintain their speed and direction when they approach other boats.

Give-way craft: Boats that do not have the right-of-way are called the ‘give-way craft’. Give-way craft must take early and substantial action to steer clear of stand-on craft, and they must alter their speed and direction to avoid a collision.

The Rule of Responsibility

The type of boat you are operating and the types of boats you are approaching determine whether or not you have the right-of-way. If you’re operating a powerboat, you must give-way to the following types of boats:

A boat that’s NOT under command, such as an anchored boat or a broken-down boat.

Commercial fishing boat.

A sailboat (unless it’s overtaking your boat, in which case you would maintain your speed and course as the stand-on craft).

Any boats with restricted maneuverability, such as a towing boat, a boat that requires a large draft or a work boat picking up navigational markers.

*Note: When power-driven boats approach each other head-on, neither boat has the right-of-way. Both operators (A and B) must take early and substantial action to steer clear of each other and steer to starboard (to the right) as soon as possible in order to avoid a collision.

If a power-driven boat (B) is approaching from your port (left) sector, you are the stand-on craft (A) and have the right-of-way. You should maintain your speed and direction and be ready to take evasive action. The approaching boat (B) must take early and substantial action to avoid your boat by reducing its speed and changing direction.

If a power-driven boat (B) is approaching from your starboard (right) sector, you are the give-way craft and do not have the right-of-way. You must take early and substantial action to keep well clear of the other boat by altering your speed and direction.

If you are operating a sailboat or commercial fishing boat, you must give-way to a boat that’s NOT under command, such as an anchored boat or a broken-down boat, any boats with restricted maneuverability, such as a towing boat, a boat that requires a large draft or a work boat picking up navigational markers.

Using Sound Signals for Navigation

One short blast = I’m altering my course to starboard (to the right).

Two short blasts = I’m altering my course to port (to the left).

Three short blasts = I’m operating my boat in reverse.

Five rapid blasts = I’m unsure of the other boater’s intentions.

One long blast = I’m leaving the dock and am a motorized boat of 12 m or longer.

Exception: If you’re operating a boat on the Great Lakes:

One short blast = I want to pass you on my boat’s port (left) side.

Two short blasts = I want to pass you on my boat’s starboard (right) side.

During periods of reduced visibility:

Sailboats should sound one long blast followed by two short blasts.

Motorized boats should sound one long blast every two minutes.

Boats at anchor should blast a sound signal rapidly for about five seconds every minute.

boat navigation sailboats

Sailboat Right-of-Way

Even if you never plan on operating a sailboat, understanding the Collision Avoidance Rules for sailboats is part of being a responsible boat operator. You should know sailboat rules in order to operate around sailboats safely. A sailboat always has the right-of-way over a powerboat (unless the sailboat is overtaking the powerboat, in which case the sailboat becomes the give-way craft).

Take the BOATsmart boating safety course to fully learn the rules of navigating boats in Canadian waters, and get your Personal Craft Operator Card or boating license.



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