Get out there. After all, it’s about boating with confidence and time on the water.


At BOATsmart!, we’re all about boating safety and making sure our captains and crews enjoy their time on the water – and that includes our furry friends! Dogs are definitely the outdoorsy type so it’s always a great idea to take them out on the water with you. Not only will they have an amazing time on the lake, you get another crew member to keep you company. Win Win! However, whether your co-captain is a tiny toy breed or a towering mastiff,  just keep these tips in mind to make boating an experience your pooch will love.

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boatsmart_lifejackets_boat safe

The first time I went boating it was a small group of family friends in Muskoka, Ontario and we were having the perfect getaway weekend. We enjoyed sun-drenched weather all week and the views of the water from the boat made for the ultimate Instagram shots! Deciding to take a leap into the lake from the boat to cool off, we double checked our life-jackets were secure and hopped into the water… Continue reading…

boating beginners

Learn these 8 Boating Terms so You Aren’t Given Away as an Amateur!

If you’re a beginner boater, the world of boating may seem to be confusing and complex. We’ve put together a guide of 8 commonly used boating terms that all beginners should know. Knowing these there’s no way other boaters will see you as an amateur. Continue reading…