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A pagan ritual Originating from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween or All Hallows’ eve has become a nation-wide celebration of trick-or-treating and costume parties. Traditionally created to ward off the ghosts of the dead that had returned to earth, by wearing costumes and lighting bonfires, this annual holiday has evolved into an acceptable reason to eat treats until you have a stomach ache. Although we’ve glorified this holiday into one in which we drink and overdose on candy, the tradition of Halloween still resonates with us and elicits spooky tails and stories. We’ve created a list of the most haunted lakes and rivers in North America for the spookiest day of the year!


White Rock Lake, Texas

Legend has it that Dallas’s White Rock Lake is haunted by a young woman who died in a tragic boating accident. She is said to be wearing a soaking-wet evening dress and approaches people to ask for a ride to a nearby address on Gaston Avenue. As soon as she gets into the backseat of the car, she disappears. No one knows who the woman is or if a woman in an evening dress ever actually drowned there, but these encounters have been reported since 1964!


Blackwater River, Florida

This popular tubing, swimming and boating spot draws in many tourists but make sure you’re not caught there after dark. As the story goes, there’s a woman who resembles that of the woman who crawls out of the well from the Ring; deathly pale with jet-black hair who will drag you to the bottom of the river with her. There have been reports from a few people who broke free of her clutches having felt her cold hands wrapped around their ankle as they frantically swam to the surface and escaped with their lives.


Lift Locks, Peterborough

The Lift Lock in Peterborough uses a staircase design to raise and lower ships traveling through the canal. It’s located on Armour Hill, the largest peak in Peterborough. The local legend says that in the 1840’s a woman was accused of being a witch and was tied to a post on Armour Hill and burned at the stake for these accusations. Rumour has it that her ghost roams the woods behind the Lift Locks, placing a curse upon those who disturb her.


Lake Superior, Wisconsin

In 1975 the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank 500 feet to the bottom of Lake Superior during a storm, taking all 29 crew with it. Ten years later there was a sighting of this freight ship, sailing on the surface of the lake by a commercial crew. Many believe that the Edmund Fitzgerald will continue to sail the icy waters of the lake that claimed the lives of the entire crew on board.


Even if you don’t believe in ghost, we suggest being cautious next time you visit these spooky haunted lakes and rivers in North America. Halloween may only come once a year, but these bodies of water remain haunted all year round. Visit them if you dare!

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October 30, 2018

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Summer has sadly come to an end and as winter slowly encroaches on our wistful and elusive memories of boating, sun and swimming, it’s time to think about wrapping up the cottage. There are the obvious steps to take such as storing your outdoor furniture, canoes/kayaks and barbeque, taking in your dock, cleaning out your fridge, making sure all your windows are closed and locked and covering your wood pile. We’ve created a list of things below to ensure you don’t miss anything when it comes to wrapping up the cottage season.

Winterizing your Plumbing

Winterizing plumbing pipes in your cottage is something that can be time-consuming but will save your plumbing from freezing temperatures that can cause leaks and breaks. As water freezes and becomes ice, it expands producing pressure in the pipes. If you’re planning to be away from your cottage for an extended period of time, winterizing your plumbing is highly recommended.

First you will want to shut off the main water valve, turn off the water pump as well as the water heater. Next, you will want to open all drain valves and all taps, and using an air compressor, blow out any excess water that may still be in the pipes. Allow this water to drain out of the hot water and holding tank. As an additional measure, you can add antifreeze to the jet pump case. Flush toilets and remove water from the tanks and toilet bowls. Add antifreeze if there happens to be excess water to prevent the water from freezing and cracking the toilet.

Keep the Sump Pump going

Your sump pump should stay on as it will remove any accumulated water in the basement of your cottage. However, you will want to take precautionary measures such as having a battery backup or wireless alarm. Another option is having a generator backup for your sump pump in case there is ever a power outage. You will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor for this to hook the generator up to the electrical panel.

Roof Maintenance

Inspect your roof for damaged shingles and replace them if necessary. Clean out the gutters as they can cause water to back up under the shingles causing damage to the roof structure below. Trim overhanging branches that could potentially dump extra snow on the roof and wait until all leaves have fell (if possible) before cleaning the gutters.

Leaving the Cottage

Before leaving cottage, ensure all appliances are disconnected. Shut off all breakers at the electrical panel and review your checklist to make sure everything has been completed. Take photos of everything in case there is unrepairable weather damage and you must submit insurance claims. Complete a final inspection of the property, lock up your cottage and enjoy your ride home!


Winterizing your cottage can be a big job, we get it. However, by planning ahead and bringing a checklist you’re already well on your way. Another pro tip when wrapping up your cottage is to use the correct vehicle. Here at BOATsmart! our trusted vehicle of choice has and always will be Nissan. The trucks have amazing towing capabilities, safety features and a wide range of to choose from. They are the ultimate vehicle for any outdoor adventure and trusted for all family trips! As a BOATsmart! cardholder, you receive dealer invoice pricing on Nissan vehicles plus any current dealer offers.

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October 17, 2018

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There may be a slight chill in the air and pumpkin spice everything has probably taken over most of your life, but that doesn’t mean that summer is over! Our BOATsmart! crew know that feeling of not wanting summer to end; the long warm nights chilling by the fire after spending all day on the boat, soaking up the sun and making memories – we get it, it’s hard to say goodbye. That’s why we’ve come up with some delicious hearty summer recipes to stretch your summer.

Smoky vegetable Bruschetta with chilli

Here’s a recipe that will warm your bellies from the barbeque to your plates. It’s dairy-free and vegan, takes about 45 minutes to cook and is considered a super easy dish. Spark up that barbeque and char the eggplant and zucchini as well as the ciabatta to get that smoky taste that makes you think of the smell of the campfire while you sing some Van Morrison with the acoustic guitar.

Epic Summer Salad

There is no cooking required for this summer salad, which is probably what makes it so epic. It’s perfect for BBQ’s and buffets, with lamb, steak or chicken kababs! The dressing is super easy, made with fresh herbs that can be blended in a food processor the day-of or up to 24 hours before serving. This salad is so fresh and packed with flavor, you’ll forget fall is around the corner.

Swedish meatballs with beetroot & apple salad

This easy recipe takes only 40 minutes in total to prepare and cook, but no one would ever be able to guess! It’s packed with a medley of flavors and the lean pork meatballs are extra juicy and served with a delicious creamy, herby sauce that will leave your guests wanting more! This is a completely gluten-free meal and totally healthy that won’t leave you feeling hungry. It’s the perfect way to stretch your summer one tasty bite at a time.

Chicken Provençal with olives & artichokes

Although this sounds like it’s on the more difficult side, this is actually qualified as an easy recipe. With a prep time of 15 minutes and cook time of 1 hour and 40 minutes, this hearty chicken casserole will evoke summer in France with the simplistic herbs and vegetables that make it fresh to taste. Serve this stew-like meal right from the dish for a family dinner that will excite your taste buds and have you dreaming of summer nights in Provence.

Aubergine lasagne

This vegetarian dish has the same flavor palette as Greek moussaka with pasta rather than potatoes. There are some intense flavours in this dish and is qualified as a medium-level of difficulty to make. It cooks in 1 hour and 35 minutes and will comfortably serve six people. Serve this warm dish golden and bubbly with a hint of fresh thyme and chilli on the top for a mouth-watering experience.

So, there you have it – some delicious recipes that will help you stretch your summer by keeping the barbeque grillin’ and fresh vegetables as your main ingredient. We know all-to-well what it feels like to have boating season coming to a close, but hopefully with these recipes they can help you keep the dinner parties and laughs rolling for a few more weeks.

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September 11, 2018

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It’s that time of year again, Summer Dog Days! This year we’ll be crowning the 2018 K-9 Captain and we’re pretty excited about it! We’ve partnered up with Save Our Scruff this year to shed light on the importance of rescuing dogs from unfortunate situations, providing them with the necessary care and finding them permanent homes.

Save Our Scruff is a non-profit organization located in Toronto, dedicated to rescuing dogs and finding them safe and suitable, permanent homes by way of adoption. The organization advocates for dogs without homes and educates people on the importance of adoption, spay and neutering. They work with committed volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians and trainers to rescue the dogs and then carefully find them forever homes.

Save Our Scruff differentiates itself from other rescues as they do not discriminate against dogs based on their sizes. They take all dogs in need regardless of the type of medical care or rehabilitation they may need. When it comes to finding a home for these little guys, SOS understands that every home and lifestyle is different, and they work hard to find a perfect fit for every dog.

The overall mission of SOS is to prevent overpopulation while working towards stopping the cycle of abandonment/neglect. They want to provide care and rehabilitation for stray and abandoned dogs so that every dog has the opportunity for a second chance. By providing protection, care education and advocacy to the welfare of dogs, they continue to be a leader in their field.

The founder Laura Bye began the organization after being a dog foster parent for another organization which exposed her to the harsh realities facing dogs worldwide. Many street dogs are neglected, abused and dying on the streets every day. She understands that adoption doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, so the organization has begun to conduct spay and neuter clinics in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and hopefully, soon-to-be Peru.

If you would like to get involved with this awesome organization, you can donate your time as a volunteer by fostering these dogs until they’re adopted by their forever homes, become part of the transport team by driving the dogos where they need to be, delivering supplies and medication, and doing airport pick-ups and drop-offs among other things. You can also be a casual volunteer by helping out with events and fundraisers, walking dogs, taking photos, selling merchandise etc. There are multiple options when it comes to volunteering for SOS depending on what you would like to do or if you have any special qualifications.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping out financially or would like a better understanding of this organization, you can visit the site: Every dog deserves a second chance and every boat needs a dog… We’re pretty sure that’s a thing.

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August 21, 2018

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Georgia is home to some pretty epic bodies of water. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as the scenic backdrop for many of the lakes, it’s obvious why Georgia has many popular areas for boating. We’ve made a list of some of the best lakes in Georgia that you’re not going to want to miss next time you’re visiting or if you live here and simply want to visit your beautiful state.

Lake Lanier

Known as Georgia’s “Great Lake,” Lanier has something for everyone; sections for fast boats, watersports, quiet spots for fishing, and local spots with parks, theaters and museums. With so much variety, it’s no wonder this is one of the South’s greatest boating destinations. It’s located in North Georgia, just 60 miles from the state capitol of Atlanta with nearly 700 miles of shoreline spread over 38,000 acres and has several million visitors annually. Staying overnight? There are over 45 parks and 10 campgrounds that line the shores of Lake Lanier including a state park, Don Carter State Park.

Lake Sinclair

This lake is located just outside Milledgeville which offers a quiet place to boat, fish and relax. This is a Georgia Power reservoir located near Lake Oconee, has more than 15,330 acres od water and 400 miles of scenic shoreline. The Georgia Power lake website is a resource that you can utilize for recommendations of lake access and amenities. Rocky Creek Park is a great place to launch your boat for a relaxing day on the water fishing and boating. It’s located on the southeast side of the lake in Baldwin County near Sinclair Dam. It provides many amenities such as restrooms, picnic tables, grills, fishing pier, swimming beach and playground.

Lake Oconee

Located in central Georgia, this is a destination lake for both casual and luxury outdoor fun. It runs through Georgia’s Morgan, Greene and Putnam counties and is separated from its sister lake, Sinclair by the Wallace Dam. There is 19,971 acres of water to explore on this lake with 374 miles of shoreline.

Lake Chatuge

Also known as Chatuge Lake and Chatuga Reservoir, this lake is located in Hiawassee and covers 7,050 acres along the northern Georgia and western North Carolina boarders. This lake has it all, from camping in it’s beautiful forests, fishing, trying out some water activities to boating, there is no shortage of fun to be had on these waters. There are plenty of public ramps for boat access while Boundary Waters Resort and Marina offers boat rentals and sales, cabin rentals and a full marina.

Lake Blue Ridge

This is a reservoir in Fannin County in northern Georgia. It encompasses 3,300 acres of crystal blue waters with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. The Chattahoochee National Forest encompasses a majority of the shorelines with the remaining being held by private land. There are several accessible public boat ramps and numerous National Forest campsites if you feel like staying the night. This is the perfect lake to go boating, jet skiing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. It’s in habited by plenty of walleye, small mouth bass, white-pass, bluegill, yellow perch, channel catfish and flathead catfish. Throw in a line and test your luck! This is a lake you’re not going to want to miss next time you’re visiting Georgia!

Lake Allatoona

One of the most popular lakes in all of the United States due to the size of the lake that you can enjoy.  It was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1940’s and they still maintain it today. The water flows from the Blue Ridge Mountains and covers more than 12,000 acres with 270 miles of shoreline making it a boater’s dream! With plenty of marinas along the shore of the lake that offer boat services, sales, rentals as well as restaurants if you feel like stretching your legs for lunch.

These popular lakes in Georgia are the perfect spot to launch your boat and take your family on a scenic outing on the water. With the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as your view, you’ll be floating on wave nine as you make memories and share laughs in this unforgettable state.

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July 23, 2018

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This month marks BOATsmart!’s 15-year anniversary and we could not be more excited to celebrate this milestone with some company history of where it all began and share the news of where it’s going. We took this opportunity to interview Cameron Taylor, the founder and CEO of OUTDOORsmart!, the parent company of BOATsmart!, HUNTINGsmart!, SLEDsmart!, ATVsmart! And PADDLERsmart!, for a little trip down memory lane and to give our customers a more authentic look into the mind of our fearless leader.

From the time Cameron Taylor was 12, he already had a taste of what entrepreneurship looked like when he began to cut lawns. He has always had a passion for innovation which is the driving force behind many of the accomplishments he has had throughout the years. “I’ve always thrived on challenging and succeeding without a safety net, knowing it was up to me to succeed, and learning how to take advantage of opportunity. Inspiring others to share in your vision is ultimately rewarding.” – Cameron Taylor, OUTDOORsmart!. From this drive and innovative thinking came the idea of BOATsmart! which evolved and grew into the company it is today.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do as a business leader?

“Learning to say no. When you’re growing your business, you naturally want to take advantage of every opportunity you can in order to drive growth, sales and valuation. But laser focus delivers more to the bottom line than trying to capture every dollar. If you can’t define the consumer problem and your offering in two sentences, you’ve got a problem. It’s taken me a while to learn this, but saying no is more powerful than saying yes.”

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started your business?

“Not everyone on your team is wired the same. As an entrepreneur in a lean start-up, you’re doing everything. Embrace and savour that. However, once your business and your team starts to grow, you’ll need to recognize that not everyone you bring onboard will be built like you. That’s a good thing. You don’t need more of you; you need more of not you. Truly tap into what drives different people on your team, learn from them and build intrapreneurs that know how to make awesome decisions without needing to have their hands held.”

Some key dates that we are really proud of:

June 1, 2011: BOATsmart! recognized as Canada’s 32nd  Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 200

September 2011: BOATsmart! Peterborough Employer of The Year – Final Nominee

June 2012: BOATsmart! recognized as Canada’s 69th Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 200

June 1, 2013: OUTDOORsmart! recognized as Canada’s 113th Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 500

June 1, 2014: OUTDOORsmart! recognized as Canada’s 274th Fastest Gorwing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 500

October 22, 2014: OUTDOORsmart! wins Peterborough Employer Of The Year

Where we’re going from here

We have an exciting new chapter ahead as we embark on a new adventure with our company and brand. We’ve re-branded with the name Campfire Collective. Campfire is a collective of Brands, Educators, Publishers, Ambassadors and Public Agencies with a mission to inspire and empower outdoor pursuits. We do this by providing online outdoor education courses and through content that informs our Collective of users about spending time in the wild.

At Campfire, we have an affinity for the outdoors and believe that people are better people when they have more ‘wild in their lives’. We want to be a brand that truly connects with people and help them ‘go boldly to their wild’ while having the best experience possible. We are also very passionate about conservation and sustainability efforts and believe there needs to be more of an effort to shed light on these important issues.

As an innovative, agile company that puts people first, we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves; continuous improvement is at the centre of everything we do. We are passionate about what we do, and when you do the things that you love, amazing things happen; that’s what sparked Campfire Collective. So, here’s to BOATsmart!’s 15 years as North America’s leading boat licensing and PCOC company and the many years ahead of ingenuity, growth and inspiration as we set sail for our new venture!

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July 20, 2018

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Looking to escape the city but not necessarily looking for your ordinary campground? If you were planning on heading to the Atlantic coast and eager to explore Virginia Beach, we’ve located some of the coolest places to stay for your weekend getaway. There are tons of great Airbnb’s ranging in all prices, that are right on the famous boardwalk, or just three blocks away from the beach. Whether it be a family fun vacation, quick trip with your best friends or a weekend getaway with a loved on, Virginia Beaches oceanfront has something for everyone.

1. Beach House

This two-story house located in a family neighbourhood is only four minutes away from the beach, VA Beach Convention Center and public transportation. It includes over 30 amenities like a sunroom in the rear that leads to the deck and treed backyard.

2. Beach House with Pool

This bungalow-style cottage includes a backyard pool house with access to the pool and outdoor shower. It’s only 3 1/2 blocks from the ocean and award-winning boardwalk. It includes all your beach essentials like: Beach towels, umbrella, beach blanket, snorkelling gear, etc so you don’t need to pack it yourself for one less thing to worry about!

3. Oceanfront Studio

oceanfront vacation rental studio allows you and three guests to comfortably stay in a newly renovated condo right on the beach! It’s prime location allows all of the area’s greatest attractions to be right at your fingertips.

4. Virginia Beach House

This beautiful 3000 sq ft house with a private back yard near the highly desirable Croatan Beach, is ideal for a big group. It is super spacious and allows for up to 14 guests to stay. The backyard has a cozy deck with twinkling lights and tons of space to make your evening memorable!

5. Oceanfront Dolphin Beach Condo

This location is ideal for families since the attractions are nearby such as the: boardwalk, restaurants/bars, roller coasters and rides, mini golf, arcades, the ocean front and beaches. Not up for the beach trek? Worry not – you also have access to a pool and hot tub in the condo.

6. 1935 Beach Home Luxury

An original 1935 Virginia Beach home restored into an Airbnb beach house with all the modern amenities. It’s located only 3 minutes from the beach and includes a barbecue, sun porch, outdoor yard and Cabana Shower with changing rooms; everything you need to relax and live the luxurious beach life.

7. Beach Quarters Resort

This five star rated Airbnb is perfect for a couple’s getaway weekend! It’s known for having the most amenities of any resort on the beach. Enjoy a game of rooftop tennis or shuffleboard, soak up the sun at the beautiful rooftop pool, and more!

8. VIBE District beach studio

This cozy backyard studio apartment over a detached garage with a private entrance is a great spot for two adults, but has an extra pull out couch for a third person. It even includes two bikes and two beach chairs so you can explore Virginia Beach like a local!

9. Beach Townhouse

This newly renovated 1940’s beach townhouse is only two blocks away from the beach and comfortably sleeps 6! This quaint little townhouse is perfectly located right by the boardwalk and other attractions such as restaurants and bars, coffee shops as well as a grocery store. 

10. Oceanfront Boardwalk Studio

People have said that this Airbnb is so close to the ocean you can taste the salt in the air when you walk outside. It’s located on the North end of the boardwalk which is a touch more quiet than the other side, but still in walking distance to all the boardwalk nightlife and attractions. You’ll additionally have access to a community pool and a designated parking lot right across the street.


Virginia Beach offers some amazing attractions such as the beautiful Boardwalk that stretches three miles, restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet, a romantic getaway with your special someone or just a weekend to explore a part of Virginia you’ve never been to before, there is definitely an Airbnb listed for you! Be sure to check out the reviews left by previous users and get in contact with the host to see if one of these spots is right for you. 

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June 29, 2018

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Virginia offers some of the finest freshwater fishing in the country. Whether you’re a casual angler or a serious expert, Virginia is a great place to cast your line. You’ll find picturesque rivers, lakes and streams, not to mention legendary hospitality in communities that welcome outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to break a record, fly fish, or catch a fish “this big”, there are plenty of locations across the state where you can get your fishing on. With so many freshwater lakes and rivers, plus an abundance of saltwater options, fishing in Virginia is top-rated.

It’s that special time of the year when anglers of all ages and levels of skill can enjoy superb fishing. Here are our top five Virginia fishing hot spots! Before you go fishing, be sure that you have purchased your 2018 freshwater or saltwater fishing licence. You can conveniently buy it online here.

 Lake Moomaw, Covington

Lake Moomaw is a hidden gem in the Appalachian Mountains. It has a maximum depth of 152 feet, with a layer of cold, oxygenated water 15 feet below the surface. Lake Moomaw is known for its trout fishing; there is a zone about 15 feet under the surface with cold oxygenated water where brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout thrive. Lake Moomaw was constructed for downstream flow augmentation (water quality), flood control, and recreation. Fishery biologists have determined that Lake Moomaw is a “two-story” sport fishery. This simply means that the reservoir would be deep enough for both warm water fish (bass, catfish, sunfish, crappie) and coldwater fish (trout).


Briery Creek Lake, Farmville

Briery Creek Lake is an 845-acre lake that is owned by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and is within the Briery Creek Wildlife Management Area in Prince Edward County. Briery Creek Lake is one of the most important largemouth bass fisheries in the state; it contains a variety of species such as black crappie, bluegill, catfish and pickerel. Try some large plastic worms for the largemouth bass in colors such as tequila sunrise to entice them from the dense covers. 


Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta

Smith Mountain Lake was created to generate electricity, and to help manage water flows, downstream. It is a vast 40-mile long, 20,600 acre lake, with 500 miles of shoreline, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural southwestern Virginia. The lake is nationally recognized for its bass and striper fishing, so it sees considerable fishing pressure. make sure this lake is on your list for a sweet fishing hole in Virginia!


Laurel Bed Lake at Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Russell County

Laurel Bed is a Department-owned lake located in Russell County on the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area. This 330-acre lake rests on the top of Clinch Mountain at 3600 feet of elevation. Over the years, considerable effort was expended to remove rock bass from the lake as they became overabundant and stunted in size, however rock bass have returned to the lake. Smallmouth bass fingerlings have been stocked to control rock bass abundance. If smallmouth can keep the rockbass population at a manageable level, both populations could enhance and diversify fishing opportunities in the future. Laurel Bed Lake offers anglers an opportunity to pursue trophy smallmouth bass in a large high-altitude lake that is similar to what many would expect to find farther north


Claytor Lake, Dublin

Claytor Lake, a 4,475-acre impoundment of the New River, stretches northeastward across the Pulaski County countryside for 21 miles. Possible catches from Claytor Lake range from bass to carp. Smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass (collectively called “black bass”) are the “bread and butter” fishes of this lake. Claytor Lake holds fewer largemouth bass than other Virginia lakes, and they grow slowly in this mountain reservoir. Anglers are encouraged to practice catch-and-release of trophy-size bass from the lake. Claytor’s steep and rocky shorelines make it particularly good for smallmouth bass.


With so many great fishing spots to choose from in Virginia, it’s hard to know which one is the best. We’ve taken the hassle out of it for you by providing you with this list of the best fishing holes in Virginia. Hopefully it helps you get out on the water and catch that fish you’ve been dreaming about!

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June 29, 2018

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New York is known for its overwhelming amount of restaurants and famous chefs that reside at them. With so many options, its hard to choose where to eat while touring the Big Apple. Next time you’re taking the scenic route of NY (check out the most popular boating on New York’s waterways for a fast and easy boating route), be sure to make a stop at one of these top New York restaurants on the waterway to try the fresh, local catch of the day, take in the beautiful lakefront view or share a unique cocktail with friends.

The River Café

This is a very unique location to dine at as it’s located under the Brooklyn Bridge which provides you with a stunning view of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Since 1977, this elegant restaurant has been a favorite for travellers being known for its award winning wine list, romantic patio music and awesome cuisine.

Grand Banks

Named “Absolute Best Waterfront Dining in NYC” by New York Magazine and “Best Outdoor dining in NYC” by The Village Voice, this oyster bar is definitely worth checking out! Enjoy a menu of harvested East and West Coast oysters, nautical themed cocktails and delicious wines and champagnes.  Be sure to check out their featured menu and seasonal dishes!

Brooklyn Heights Social Club

In need of a drink and a dazzling view? Brooklyn Heights Social Club offers a panoramic view of both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. This is considered a cocktail club, with floor-to-ceiling windows and is located at the top of the Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. There is an extensive champagne and craft cocktails list which are made with unique ingredients, making them one-of-a-kind drinks you won’t want to miss out on. Grab a seat in one of the nice leather couches to catch  a beautiful sunset.

Le District

The restaurant mogul Peter Poulakakos launched an industrial-styled French-food complex in New York. The 30,000-square-foot market is divided into a bakery-café, meat and cheese stalls, an open-air grocery shop and the sit-down brasserie, Beaubourg. Escape into a french market for the day and enjoy a cultural adventure of the senses at this one-of-a-kind New York restaurant on the waterway.

Island Oyster

New York harbor once produced mass amounts of oysters in part, due to its nearly 220,000 acres of reefs. Island Oyster, located on Governor Island, pays tribute to that legacy with this outdoor oyster bar and beer garden. Sit down and take in the view while you enjoy sustainably harvested shellfish sourced both near Long Island and British Columbia, or if you’re more of a meat lover, you can dig into other options such as Black Angus burgers and grilled corn on the cob. The 32,000-square-foot venue contains a waterfront bar, a separate white-marble oyster bar and four large and communal tables.

Brooklyn Crab

Brooklyn Crab in New York City has been a staple in Red Hook, Brooklyn since 2012. One of this restaurants missions is to serve sustainable food to every single visitor that passes through. Most of the dishes created are sourced from local, sustainable sources with a variety of seafood options such as fish and shrimp, Alaskan King Crab, a selection of snow crab, fresh Maine lobster and more. The restaurant overlooks the harbor which you can enjoy on the large outdoor patio or from the inside dining room area. Overall, this is a perfect place to stop and have some fresh, sustainable seafood while you take in the beauty of the harbor.

The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

This restaurant has been up and running since around 1874 where visitors could purchase refreshments, take boat rides, and watch site-see. This structure burnt down, unfortunately and in the 1950’s the current Loeb Boathouse took its place. Come check out this legend for yourself and enjoy a meal in any season. There is overhead heating on the deck in order to extend the season as long as possible.


A little more on the pricey side, this picturesque restaurant is located on a unique garden plaza with romantic East River views in Manhattan’s Kip’s Bay neighborhood. This restaurant offers a dynamic culinary experience with a modern American menu that changes seasonally.  It showcases the restaurateurs very own urban farm just feet away from the kitchen making it fresh, local and organic produce.

Pier A Harbor House

This retrofitted re-creation of the Gilded Age is divided into three levels and anchored by a soaring clock tower. The nautical themed decorations like the pipes from steamship engine rooms give it an authentic feel. Upstairs, the second-floor dining room is split into four, named for a maritime police boat, a firefighter patrol boat, the nearby Lady Liberty and W.R. Grace, the mayor who signed off on the pier. The top tier is used as an event space and has a beautiful view, overlooking the harbor.

The Boat Basin Café

You’ll want to check out this restaurant for the view alone. While enjoying your food, beverages and friends at this New York social hub, stick around and you’ll be glad you did as you get to watch the most epic sunset over the Hudson River!  Sure, it may a crowded spot but it’s totally worth it – trust us!

Hopefully these top New York restaurants on the waterway have helped made your decision making a little easier. We also have some tips for an awesome boating weekend in New York to make your day even easier!

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June 27, 2018

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