We have the scoop on the latest and greatest boating accessories from MISSION boat gear! As a team of boating enthusiasts who love being on the water themselves, they understand it’s all about having fun with family and friends out on the water. They want to heighten these experiences with their products to generate smiles and create memories for years to come.

DELTA Wake Shaper

This piece of equipment was created in 2016 and totally changed the game of wake surfing. This new innovation creates a beautiful wave, that distributes the flow of water, opposite of the surfer, allowing you to surf behind your v-drive or direct-drive inboard boat. It’s a removable surf solution that attaches to the side of your boat cleanly with suction. You can thank the people who dedicated over a thousand hours to investing in the prototype that would make the most perfect wake. Every single aspect of DELTA was designed with the wakesurfer in mind and promises to deliver the best-in-class wave performance. The reason for this is due to the geometry of the device; the contoured front panel with engineered side vents generates the perfect amount of turbulence to give you the best wave performance for your boat. If the panels were larger and flat, it would put more stress on the boat and would increase steering problems, fuel consumption and splashing. The reversible orientation design is optimal for direct-drives or complex hulls that require DELTA to be attached higher while the normal orientation is typically used for decently weighted v-drives.

REEF Inflatable Mats

This mat will provide you, your friends and family with endless amounts of fun this summer! Enjoy limitless options as you sit on top of the water on this stable and rigid mat. It’s made with extra durable material that’s used in naval applications with premium drop-stitch construction and double reinforced seams. It’s 4-inches thick, giving the mat maximum stability to perform your favourite acrobatics, golf, cannonballing and much more. It comes in three different sizes for your preference and stows in a small bag. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk on water, now’s your opportunity!

TUKO Towels

These are the absolute best towels to take with you to the cottage or on a camping trip. The microfibres absorb way more water than cotton towels, they stow small and have an integrated strap which serves as a way to hang the towel to dry. They also come with a water-resistant carrying case to ensure that after a day of wakesurfing, you won’t need to air dry.

SENTRY fenders

These are an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. What’s different about these fenders is the protection they offer both above and below the rub rail. These fenders have been adapted to meet the needs of boaters today. They are easy to use on smaller boats, boats that don’t have flat sides, handrails and/or high-waisted rub rails. They have a hanging point that’s lower than traditional fenders which aligns with the contour of your boat and keeps it from getting caught on top of the dock. They keep your boat safe with an innovative hanging system (a strap, rather than a rope) and an easy, adjustable locking mechanism that allows you to place it on a boat or dock offering optimal protection.

Board SOX

You can keep your board looking snug as a bug in a rug with these low profile, stylish board SOX. You can choose from the point or snub nose styles. The snub nose fits wakesurf and wakeboards up to 57”, the large point nose fits boards up to 64” and small point nose fits boards up to 55”. These SOX are light-weight, quick-drying and perfect for storing your boards on the boat or at home.

MISSION boat gear is a leading company in the boating accessory industry. They continue to innovate and bring new, exciting products to the water for us to enjoy and create life-long memories. Use one of these accessories next time you’re out on the boat, and you won’t be disappointed! Happy boating!

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August 8, 2018

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This month marks BOATsmart!’s 15-year anniversary and we could not be more excited to celebrate this milestone with some company history of where it all began and share the news of where it’s going. We took this opportunity to interview Cameron Taylor, the founder and CEO of OUTDOORsmart!, the parent company of BOATsmart!, HUNTINGsmart!, SLEDsmart!, ATVsmart! And PADDLERsmart!, for a little trip down memory lane and to give our customers a more authentic look into the mind of our fearless leader.

From the time Cameron Taylor was 12, he already had a taste of what entrepreneurship looked like when he began to cut lawns. He has always had a passion for innovation which is the driving force behind many of the accomplishments he has had throughout the years. “I’ve always thrived on challenging and succeeding without a safety net, knowing it was up to me to succeed, and learning how to take advantage of opportunity. Inspiring others to share in your vision is ultimately rewarding.” – Cameron Taylor, OUTDOORsmart!. From this drive and innovative thinking came the idea of BOATsmart! which evolved and grew into the company it is today.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do as a business leader?

“Learning to say no. When you’re growing your business, you naturally want to take advantage of every opportunity you can in order to drive growth, sales and valuation. But laser focus delivers more to the bottom line than trying to capture every dollar. If you can’t define the consumer problem and your offering in two sentences, you’ve got a problem. It’s taken me a while to learn this, but saying no is more powerful than saying yes.”

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started your business?

“Not everyone on your team is wired the same. As an entrepreneur in a lean start-up, you’re doing everything. Embrace and savour that. However, once your business and your team starts to grow, you’ll need to recognize that not everyone you bring onboard will be built like you. That’s a good thing. You don’t need more of you; you need more of not you. Truly tap into what drives different people on your team, learn from them and build intrapreneurs that know how to make awesome decisions without needing to have their hands held.”

Some key dates that we are really proud of:

June 1, 2011: BOATsmart! recognized as Canada’s 32nd  Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 200

September 2011: BOATsmart! Peterborough Employer of The Year – Final Nominee

June 2012: BOATsmart! recognized as Canada’s 69th Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 200

June 1, 2013: OUTDOORsmart! recognized as Canada’s 113th Fastest Growing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 500

June 1, 2014: OUTDOORsmart! recognized as Canada’s 274th Fastest Gorwing Company – Profit Magazine’s PROFIT 500

October 22, 2014: OUTDOORsmart! wins Peterborough Employer Of The Year

Where we’re going from here

We have an exciting new chapter ahead as we embark on a new adventure with our company and brand. We’ve re-branded with the name Campfire Collective. Campfire is a collective of Brands, Educators, Publishers, Ambassadors and Public Agencies with a mission to inspire and empower outdoor pursuits. We do this by providing online outdoor education courses and through content that informs our Collective of users about spending time in the wild.

At Campfire, we have an affinity for the outdoors and believe that people are better people when they have more ‘wild in their lives’. We want to be a brand that truly connects with people and help them ‘go boldly to their wild’ while having the best experience possible. We are also very passionate about conservation and sustainability efforts and believe there needs to be more of an effort to shed light on these important issues.

As an innovative, agile company that puts people first, we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves; continuous improvement is at the centre of everything we do. We are passionate about what we do, and when you do the things that you love, amazing things happen; that’s what sparked Campfire Collective. So, here’s to BOATsmart!’s 15 years as North America’s leading boat licensing and PCOC company and the many years ahead of ingenuity, growth and inspiration as we set sail for our new venture!

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July 20, 2018

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Whether you’re taking the family on a trip to the cottage, taking a cross-country road trip or off-roadin’ with your pals, Nissan provides all the tools needed to ignite the outdoor enthusiast in all of us and enable us to get outdoors and explore! BOATsmart! is a fan and advocate of Nissan as a company, but especially their truck line because we know first-hand how reliable they are. Here at BOATsmart! we use Nissan trucks every time we plan an outdoor trip as they are the optimal, high-performance vehicle that can do just about anything we need.

With 390 horse power and 394 lb-ft of torque, the TITANprovides the power to carry massive payloads. With a full-length, fully-boxed frame, powerful Endurance V8, new 7-speed automatic transmission with Tow/Haul mode, and adjustable Brake Controller, TITAN helps you tow any and all water toys to the cottage making you feel capable and confident. While you’re at the cottage, check out these 10 awesome cottage hacks to help you spend less time worrying about the small stuff and more time making memories with friends and family. Thinking about taking a cross-country trip to check out the awesome lakes to boat around on? This is the vehicle you’re going to want to use! It can comfortably tow a trailer behind it in any condition and terrain.

The TITAN XD has a larger frame and is extensively reinforced for added strength and stiffness, which helps resist vertical and lateral bending and increases torsional rigidity in comparison to its counterpart the TITAN. It features a 555-lb-ft of torque, heavy-duty brakes, a larger high-strength steel fully boxed full-length ladder frame and a sliding bed extender giving you maximum versatility with minimum effort. This truck will conquer whatever outdoor adventure you throw at it. It’s no wonder Bryan Baeumler says that “The Nissan TITAN XD is already an integral part of [his] construction business. Without a doubt this truck is the most important and versatile tool on and off the jobsite.”

With an integrated gooseneck hitch this has some serious towing capability and is the perfect vehicle to tow your boat or PWC to the cottage for a weekend of fun. We know it can often be tough to launch your boat, especially if it’s the beginning of the season. For a little refresher, check out our blog on how to launch a boat: 10 steps to get out on the water. Bringing someone to the cottage who has never driven a PWC before? We can help with that! Here’s some fun and easy directions on how to drive a Jet Ski! See? We got you!

The Nissan Frontier is next on our list and it’s built for rock-solid performance; where durability meets style, with the tailgate-mounted spoiler which helps reduce drag, this truck is known for its rugged exterior making it the perfect choice to take off-roading. But that’s not the only reason we love this truck, the performance towing capability is high with a capacity of up to 6,710 lbs, up to 261 horse power and 281 lb-ft torque and it’s V6 engine, you never have to worry about what you’re pulling behind this bad boy.

This truck is the perfect choice for a camping trip with the whole family as it offers Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). This feature – sometimes called stability control – continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, senses any oversteer or understeer, and helps compensate by reducing engine speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. The safety of your family is in good hands in this vehicle.

There you have it, the low-down on our vehicles of choice for outdoor adventures. Here at BOATsmart! we take our outdoor adventures seriously – especially when it comes to water sports and activities.  There is no doubt that when we’re planning a day out on the water, Nissan is our number one choice of vehicle for any and all situations. From the safety features to the towing capabilities, Nissan has always been the best option for getting outside and exploring the wild. Get your boating license today and receive…

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July 11, 2018

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Le Canada est réputé pour son feuillage d’automne étonnant, et être sur l’eau offre le point de vue idéal pour voir les couleurs spectaculaires à l’échelle nationale! Nous avons rassemblé certains de nos endroits préférés pour saisir des vues imbattables cette saison …


Le parc Algonquin est le point de départ idéal pour voir le feuillage d’automne et les visiteurs viennent de tout partout pour obtenir  voir les vues panoramiques. Les bateaux motorisés ne sont pas autorisés dans certaines cours d’eau, mais il y a quelques exceptions; notamment le lac Opeongo et le lac Galeairy. Vous pouvez voir les autres endroits où la navigation est autorisée ici.


Le Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean au Québec est vraiment un paradis nautique, à 15 km de rivage à explorer -tout en admirant la riche tapisserie d’automne qui vous entoure. Plein de couleur et de caractère, cette zone est la niche parfaite pour les navigateurs. Découvrez comment tracer votre parcours ici.


Atlin Lake peut être l’endroit le plus beau de la terre, et c’est encore plus spectaculaire pendant l’automne. Niché dans le nord-ouest de la Colombie-Britannique, c’est le plus grand lac naturel de Colombie-Britannique connue partout au Canada pour sa pêche à la truite trophée. Vous devez demander un permis avant de jeter vos lignes ici, mais il vaut la peine de sortir sur l’eau pour ces vues seulement!


Le nautisme de la majestueuse rivière de la Saskatchewan du Nord est superbe pour tout ceux qui aime la nature ou qui adore l’histoire. Il y a une grande diversité de la faune comme les martins-pêcheurs, les castors et les aigles chauves en naviguant devant le Fort-Saskatchewan historique, enveloppé par une myriade  de feuilles d’oranges rouges et jaunes.


La rivière St Anns au long du sentier Cabot offre des vues spectaculaires, mais n’importe où dans la région est sûr de vous satisfaire. Peu importe la route que vous prenez, cette aventure nautique vaut vraiment le détour. Découvrez ici.

Les meilleurs moments pour voir le feuillage d’automne varient selon la province; mais assurez-vous de vérifier votre site local pour plus de détails et plus d’informations. Une ligne directrice approximative pour savoir quand mettre en veille pour une couverture de couleur optimale est ci-dessous …

BC – octobre et novembre

AB – Fin septembre – fin octobre

SK – Octobre

MB – Octobre

ON – Fin septembre – fin octobre

QC – Fin septembre mi-fin octobre

NB – début octobre

NS – Fin septembre – début octobre

PE – mi-septembre -fin octobre

NL – Fin septembre -début octobre

Nous espérons que cela vous excitera pour la saison à venir, mais assurez-vous de vous rappeler de rester en sécurité! Les belles couleurs d’automne et l’air frais peuvent se distancer des dangers de l’immersion dans l’eau froide, alors utilisez toujours votre gilet de sauvetage et rafraîchissez vos connaissances avant de partir!

Passez une balade en bateau heureuse!


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June 29, 2018

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Canada Day is a day to celebrate the history of when the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada. Not only is it a day to celebrate the rich history of the land and stunning scenery, it’s also a day to celebrate the numerous different cultures enriching this beautiful Country and the progressiveness of our society. We are champions of inclusion and have been deemed some of the nicest people ever, #winning! Let’s rock the socks off this Canada Day in true Canadian style by hosting a dock party at the cottage! Get your dock-a-rockin’ with these awesome party tricks to celebrate Canada Day proudly!


Music could actually qualify as the most important element to not just a Canada Day dock party, but any party for that matter. Make sure you have an awesome playlist (preferably an all-Canadian one) for your guests to rock-out to as they enjoy the scenic beauty that the lake has to offer in their red and white attire.


The right lighting will set the ambience for this epic Canada Day dock party and create an atmosphere that’s just right. Grab some lanterns, candles and candle holders, twinkle lights if you have somewhere to string them and create a beautiful, cozy feeling for your guests.

Keep mosquitos away

Mosquitos can be pretty pesky this time of year. Here are some DIY natural repellents that will not only keep those annoying little blood-suckers away but will add a nice scent to your shindig.

1. Cut lemons in half and add them to a jar with a handful of cloves. This will repel the mosquitos while giving off a nice sent.

2. Face a fan towards your dock area to keep mosquitos at bay. They aren’t strong fliers so the air flow from the fan will be enough to keep them away.

3. DIY your own citronella candles to distribute across your property. Citronella is a natural, non-toxic alternative to other chemical repellents and is derived from leaves and stems of various lemongrass species.


Canada’s national cocktail! How could you ever throw a dock party in the bush without a caesar station set up to make and enjoy these deliciously salty beverages? It would be an injustice to yourself, your guests and Canada if you didn’t. I mean, there’s a National Caesar Day for crying out loud! Check out this cool site for a spicy variety of recipes to try out.


Okay, the main event that everyone has been anticipating – the food. Barbequing is obviously the traditional Canadian way to go. So, spark up the grill and get cookin’; that Peameal bacon isn’t going to cook itself, eh? There are plenty of great recipes you can find online to get those creative BBQing ideas flowing such as this one from Country Living. It supplies you with 60 different delicious recipes to choose from such as honey siracha grilled chicken thighs and grilled pork tenderloin with peach barbecue sauce. You’ll be captain of the Canadian grill and will most likely hear the words “thank you” more times than you can count.

Sparklers & Fireworks

These will help keep the party lit! Sparklers are awesome for all those Canadian gals who need to Instagram everything (or else it didn’t happen, duh!) and for any kids who may be in attendance of this awesome dock party. If you’re planning on setting off those classic fireworks to light up the sky, you’ll want to ensure that you and all your guests are a safe distance away at the time of take-off. Fireworks are a perfect way to make a bang at this Canada Day party.

Talk to your neighbours

If you’re throwing an epic Canada Day dock party, you might want to do the Canadian thing by letting your neighbours know, seeing as this is going to be the BEST. PARTY. EVER!! Let them know you’ll be rockin’ the dock all night and there might be some sing-alongs that could get out of hand, especially when Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 comes on. Who knows, maybe they’re even cool enough to get the invite!

There are so many reasons we celebrate this beautiful country of ours, from the people to the landscape, we are so very lucky to call it home. Celebrate this year by throwing the best Canada Day dock party and show your patriotism in true Canadian style.

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June 26, 2018

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New York is a city surrounded by various bodies of water making it a perfect city to spend the day out on the water. Made up by five boroughs, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island, this lively city sits right where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean making boating an epic and visually stunning experience. Boat your way into a  New York state of mind when you step off the dock and onto the water for a day of sun and adventure as you cruise around the Big Apple.


The inlets and islands of Freeport are perfect for a day of fishing and boating while you take in the beautiful coastline. Freeport is situated in Nassau County on the South Shore of Long Island. Zach’s Bay is southeast of Freeport off the Jones Beach Theatre and is a great place to anchor for families to raft-up and enjoy a concert playing at the theatre or enjoy a day on the beach without the overcrowded feeling.

The Hudson River

The Hudson River offers beautiful scenery along the 300 miles that it stretches. Boaters can escape to the north toward Peekskill where the river offers copious amounts of wildlife. There is abundant largemouth and smallmouth bass around the tributary mouths and in-river structures during the summer and fall. In the spring striped bass can be caught below the Troy Dam to New York City. There are small towns along the river that you can visit, learn the history, stretch your legs and enjoy dinner along the water’s edge. Check out one of the only Dock & Dine spots in New York city at La Marina in Washington Heights for a really fun experience!

Finger Lakes

This is a region of New York State, known for its lush vineyards and named for its series of eleven long, thin lakes extended like fingers. This is one of New York State’s most popular regions for recreational boating with numerous private boat launches to enjoy a scenic route. Take a day trip and explore the Finger Lakes Central Region (the centrally located area found between the two largest lakes; Seneca Lake to the West and Cayuga Lake to the East). These lakes were formed by glaciers and contain over 6.6 trillion gallons of fresh water making it an ideal destination to enjoy a day on the water.

Thousand Islands

If you love fishing, this is the place for you as it has ample fish and fishing holes. With more than 100 boat launches available in the region, this is an easy accessible waterway with much to offer. With it’s crystal clear waters, historic castles and lighthouses, it is arguably one of the best places for pleasure boating in New York State.

New York Harbor

Boating by the Manhattan skyline is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. There are many attractions such as Governors Island which is a 172-acre island containing Fort Jay, Castle Williams, and Dock 102. Don’t forget to stop by Liberty Island, home to the Statue of Liberty  as well as Ellis Island  which is a historical site that opened in 1892 as an immigration station for more than 60 years.

Lake George

This was called “the most beautiful water I ever saw” by Thomas Jefferson and this statement still holds true today. It was once an important fur-trading route and held an important role in the American Revolution with traces of the past laying at the bottom of the lake in the form of shipwrecks. Although a lake that once held a violent past,  today, the coastal shores are full of beautiful wilderness, marinas, restaurants and the Adironack Mountains which add to the astounding atmosphere.

Cold Spring Harbor

This is the perfect place to drop an anchor, enjoy a picnic on the boat and go swimming for the day or head out for a day of water skiing and wake-boarding. This is truly some of Long Islands best boating with a coastline full of beaches, parks and historic mansions. For larger vessels who want to anchor for the day, Eaton’s Neck Basin is the perfect place and it’s only a few miles east near Huntington Bay.

Whether you’re going for an all-day boating adventure to take in the picturesque scenery along the coast, throwing down an anchor to take a dip in the water or stopping along the water’s edge to indulge in a scenic meal, New York offers a vast array of options for any type of excursion. The waterways of New York will never disappoint an enthusiastic boater as there is truly something for everyone. Sail through these waters in New York and make memories you will never forget.

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June 18, 2018

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Get grilling this Father’s Day for a dinner dad won’t soon forget! We know how hard it is to thank dad for all those years we borrowed his car and didn’t fill it up with gas after or how his incessant years of advice actually paid off and became useful as adults (although we would never actually tell him that, obviously). As a way to show dad our appreciation, we’ve come up with a list of unreal BBQ recipes that will have you looking like the lord of the grill flame and dad a happy camper. These recipes are best enjoyed relaxing at the cottage after a long day out on the water, applying aloe to your sunburn and planning tomorrows activities. This Father’s Day, BBQ your way to dad’s heart with these easy yet mouth-watering recipes.

Double Cheese Burger

The old classic burger will never not be good. We’re just going to quickly ramp this recipe up by doubling the meat to pack that extra punch! Keep things “lit” with the Texas spicy BBQ sauce which this recipe calls for and keep in mind the burgers must stay on the grill a little bit longer than usual due to the sheer volume of beef. There is no way dad won’t appreciate this juicy burger when you top it off with bacon and serve it with a side of dill pickle.

Pizza on Brown Wooden Board

Pizza on the Grill

The BBQ is a great way to add a smoky flavor to your pizza and a smart way to keep the hot temperature of the unforgiving summer outside. If you’ve properly heated the grill, there’s no reason why the dough would fall through and according to this recipe the trick is to grill the dough on one side, remove from the grill, flip it, add your toppings and continue grilling. That way, the dough is cooked equally on both sides and your pizza is at the optimal charcoaled perfection.

Beer-braised Beef Ribs

Everyone knows dad loves ribs; they’re meaty, juicy and tender little pieces of goodness that can have a variety of flavors. This recipe has only three ingredients making it an easy one to whip up however, you will need to take into account the prep time before actually slappin’ them on the grill. First things first, you’re going to need to slice the ribs into 1-rib portions and bake them in the oven under tinfoil and beer for 2 hours or until they are tender. This is the most important step as this will allow the sauce to absorb into the meat and will help accomplish that melt-in-your-mouth texture.


Tangy Beer-Can Chicken

Sticking to the theme of beer and meat, this beer-can chicken recipe is one for the cottage books. The best part about this recipe is that you’re “required” to drink half the can before inserting it into the tail end of the chicken. The beer will act as a moisture conductor as it steams the chicken from the inside and adds flavor to the dish. Once the chicken is cooked, take it off the grill and dust it with the honey mustard dressing for a tangy taste. Serve up with a side of craft beer and enjoy!

Freshly grilled corn on the cob

Grilled Corn on the Cob

These have to be the easiest yet most delicious sides to accompany your grilled Father’s Day meals. The sweet corn becomes more intensified while the grill adds the charred flavor and holds in the moisture. Once you take them off the grill, feel free to add some toppings such as sour cream and feta cheese with chili flakes and lime or herbed butter and paprika!

Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

These are easy to make and serve as a perfect appetizer with a big, dynamic flavor. The muted spiciness from the jalapenos mixed with the creamy flavor of the cheese and saltiness from the bacon makes a bold impact to start off the grilling festivities.

BBQ Shrimp Skewers

Is there anything that says summer at the cottage more than grilled shrimp? This recipe is quite simple with minimal prep time as well as cook time. With summer just days away, this recipe is a great way to kick it off! The Cajun spice adds a nice little kick to these crustaceans while the charcoal from the grill invites a smoky flavor to linger making this dish an irresistible Father’s Day choice.

Let dad put his feet up in the hammock this Father’s Day while you take over the BBQ and grill like a pro. The grill will enhance the flavors of whatever you’re cooking, so don’t be afraid to allow the food to be a little charred. It’s hard to show dad how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you but a perfect way to start is by cooking your way to his heart.

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June 14, 2018

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