July 17, 2013

Boating — SO hot right now!

BOATsmart! Team pays homage to the nautical fashion sensation


The BOATsmart team pays homage to the nautical fashion sensation!

As people with anchors on the mind, we simply couldn’t help but notice the recent blitz of nautical fashion out there in the world. Boaters are wearing their nautical gear loud and proud but even off the dock, this sensation is making major waves.  People are wearing this trend at the office, on the streets, out to dinner–just everywhere!

The phenomenon is certainly BOATsmart!-appropriate. Most of our staff lives in Sperry’s or sandals and the only patterns we know right now are stripes. In celebration of this trend, we decided to have a ‘Nautical Fashion’ Day at the office!

Want to ‘cruise’ into the summer with style?

Just for fun, we’ve compiled a list of hot ticket fashion items that are particularly nautical in nature. Take a cue from our savvy BOATsmart! team, who showed up to the office today looking like they were about to sail away on a yacht, and pick up one of these nautical fashion items to get onboard with this season’s hottest look!

  • A Pleasure Craft Operator Card–the ticket to safe boating (what could be hotter than that!?)
  • Sperry Topsiders: the clutch boating shoe loafer
  • Ray Bans: Any sunglasses will do but Ray Bans are the ultimate yacht specs
  • Anchor shaped jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces–you’ll find them everywhere this year
  • STRIPES: Be a good sailor and pick up a classic striped tee this season
  • White pants: Ahoy captain! Try not to sit on anything!
  • Hot colours: Navy blue, gold, fire engine red and snow white, oh yes, and stripes (did we mention that stripes are an official colour this season?)

Be As Confident As You Look!

Don’t forget to put the perfect finishing touch on your nautical outfit by carrying your boat license! Remember that you must have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate a motorized boat in Canada–the police won’t excuse you no matter how fashionable you are. It’s the law, so be sure to get your boat license with BOATsmart! so you can be as confident as you look while operating the boat!

Ahoy mateys!


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