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The 12 most asked questions by canadian boaters

Who needs a boating license?

If you operate a motorized boat in Canada, you must have proof of competency, such as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, (PCOC or Boating License) regardless of age, length of boat, or engine horsepower, other than in waters of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Operating without proof of competency can result in a minimum $250.00 fine. Once obtained from BOATsmart!®, your PCOC is good for life.

What happens if I don't pass?

You can retry your official boating test once every 24 hours. If you fail the test more than once, Transport Canada requires that you retake the online boating course. Your one-time fee includes unlimited retries and unlimited access to the online boating course.

Is a boating license the same as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

All motorized boat operators in Canada are required to obtain and carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). Many boaters commonly refer to the PCOC as a boating license, boat license or boat card.

How long is my boating License good for?

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is good for life, no renewal is required.

How old do I have to be to get a boating license?

There is no minimum age to take the online boating course. Boaters of all ages are required to obtain and carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card when operating a motorized boat. Once obtained, your boating license is good for life.

Is the card valid in all provinces?

When you obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card from BOATsmart!® it’s valid in all provinces and territories.

How do I get a boating license?

You can get your boating license in 3 easy steps. First, study and pass the official Transport Canada Boating Safety Course online. Then take the 50 questions multiple choice exam. Once passed, print a temporary card immediately and receive your PCOC by mail within 4 weeks.

What's included in the boating course?

The boating course includes all of the knowledge you need to prepare for the test and obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card. The course includes boating basics and terminology, rules & regulations, safety equipment, safe boat operation, navigation and right-of-way rules, marker buoys and emergency preparedness.

How hard is the test?

The online boating test is open book and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You’ll need at least 75% (38 out of 50) to pass. Everything you need to pass is covered in the BOATsmart!® Course.

Who is BOATsmart!?

BOATsmart!® is Canada's Boating Educator and a Transport Canada Accredited Course Provider. Since 2003, we've educated and certified more than 650,000 Canadian boaters.

How do I replace my lost boating license?

BOATsmart!® issues replacement boating licenses in Canada. Call toll free 1-877-792-3926 or replace your boating license online. You can print a valid temporary card immediately and your replacement card will arrive by mail within 4 weeks.

Can I get an insurance discount with my boating license?

If you obtain your pleasure craft operator card from BOATsmart!® you are eligible for 25% off your annual policy premium, an exclusive benefit offered through BOATsmart! Assure™.

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