August 22, 2016

The 8 Best Things We’ve Saved for the End of Summer


Well, you can already see the morning mist getting heavier and feel the bite of those cooler nights as you reach for that extra sweater. The trees are starting to show us their first glimpse of colour, and the floors are being waxed at every school across the country. It’s back-to-school & see-ya-summer time. A time for celebrations and a time to cheers to another great Canadian summer.

For us, that means making the most of Labour Day Weekend and saving the very BEST for last! It also got us thinking, what exactly does that mean for Canadian cottagers? So, after asking a few die-hard weekend warriors from coast-to-coast how they would spend their time on summer’s very last weekend, we came up with a list of the best things to do! Check it out!

1) Try to land that wakeboard trick you’ve been thinking about all summer. Be bold. Nothing feels better than nailing that first invert!

wakeboarding behind boat - lavour day 2017

2) Make a double decker s’more (with your own top-secret ingredient). Check out Buzzfeed’s list of the best s’more recipes that will change your life.

camping labour day 2017

3) Have a ‘taste-of-summer’, farmer’s market dinner, with everything from fresh-caught fish, peaches, berries, corn and garden goodies!

fishing with kids labour day 2017

4) Get your crew up to the cottage! Make it a party for the books. Just remember boaters, water on the water. Only enjoy alcoholic beverages on shore, after you’ve finished a great day of boating with your crew! Check out the laws in Canada for boating and alcohol here.

party with friends labour day

5) Play scrabble…competitively. It’s way more fun than you remember. Introducing vintage board games to those selfie-taking, Pokemon Go-playing kids of the Smartphone generation can be incredibly satisfying.

scrabble at the cottage labour day 2017

6) Have a campfire, like a good one. The kind that earns you a scout badge. Light up the faces around you and don’t forget, The Tragically Hip always make for the best, go-to, summer soundtrack. Oh, and here’s a great long weekend playlist from us we made this summer that you might enjoy!

big campfire with friends labour day

7) Save the back-to-school shopping for next week. Why throw elbows at the mall when you could be at the cottage, or on the water? Besides, everything will be on sale by then… it’s a win-win.

playing in the water by the boat long weekend

8) Make it a rule to go barefoot all weekend. Gonna’ be a long winter and let’s face it, socks suck.

summer tanning on the dock labour day

One other great thing to do on the long weekend is to go see your neighbours. Sure you might come up to the cottage or cabin again during the fall but it’s always nice to see your cottage crew one last time before the weather cools down too much. Pack a cooler of snacks and park the boat at their dock to have a quick hello and be able to offer refreshments! Everyone loves a travelling host. Make sure you grab your boating license before heading out on the water. When it makes the waterways safer for everyone and you can get certified online in just 3 easy steps, there’s really no excuse not to have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card with you!

Safe travels to all of you heading up to your cottages, cabins or camps to ring in the Labour Day Weekend! Enjoy it and make the most of your time with friends and family. After all, we always save the best for last.

Cheers, Canada!




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