June 16, 2016

The Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has It All


Here’s to the original Captain, the boat driver, the tube tower, the wake maker and the life saver. Since our early years, Dad has been showing us what it means to explore the outdoors. From driving the truck to cruising in the boat, we wanted to hang out with Dad and do what he did.

If you think about it, we actually owe Dad a ton of credit! Remember the time you lit your first campfire or caught your first fish? For many of us, that wouldn’t have happened without Dad’s help. Untangling our lines, tying on our hooks, casting out real far and touching the worms. Yep, without him, we would’ve never fished.

And we can’t forget those times we hung onto the tube as we whipped around the lake through waves and had epic wipeouts flying off wakes. Who was driving that boat? Oh yeah, it was Dad. His crazy sense of fun was what made the cottage, the lake, and tubing so awesome.

How about that time he let us drive the boat for the first time? Who was really filling the gas tank, towing the boat, loading the marine safety gear in the boat and doing the spring maintenance each year? You got it – Dad. Without him, the propellor on our seasoned outboard motor would never have felt the rush of the lake, and we wouldn’t have either.

So this Father’s Day, call up Dad and tell him how grateful you are for all the years he towed you around the lake, caught fish with you, and for teaching you how to drive the boat. Because those are the things you’ll always remember. As for Father’s Day Gifts, what do you get the Dad who already has everything? Give him the NEW gear he needs with 40% off all marine products with code SAVE40, just for Dad!

You can call him Pops, Captain, or Buddy, but he’ll always be Dad.

Cheers, to all the boating Dads out there and thanks for always being our BUOY.




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