May 16, 2018

May 24: Do It Right With The Ultimate Long Weekend Bucket List

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Some just call it a long weekend, but we know better than that. To us outdoorsy Canadians, the May 24-long weekend isn’t just a holiday – it’s the official kick-off to the summer and an outdoor utopia of boating, cottages, BBQ’s, fishing, roasting marshmallows, playing guitar by the campfire, wakeboarding, and so many more weekend-worthy events. It’s a shame we can’t fit them ALL into the long weekend. So, in the spirit of creating amazing outdoor experiences this weekend, we’re setting you up for success with our Ultimate Long Weekend Bucket List – are you ready, Captain?


– Pack the essentials (weekend clothes, guitar, maple syrup, boating license, etc.)
– Check out the BOATsmart! Ultimate Long Weekend playlist and listen on the car ride up to the cottage and on the boat (some seriously good jams in here!)
– Charge your phone so you can take tons of photos! #nofilter #lifeonthewater
– Don’t have your boating license? Register now and get your BOATsmart! boating license before the Victoria Day long weekend!



– Do some DIY Boat Maintenance before you leave the dock
– Land your first wakeboard trick of the season – Tweet us when you do!
– Learn to use the water skis that have been hiding in the boathouse
– Spend a full day out on the boat with friends (don’t forget your sunscreen!)
– Go on a fishing trip with Dad and catch a lunker
– Set a goal of staying on the tube longer than 30 seconds. Think you can hold on?



– Put the dock in the water and throw a few Muskoka chairs on there for ultimate relaxation
– Clean out the boathouse cobwebs; this is going to be a major hangout spot all weekend long


– Test your culinary skills and use the BBQ for every meal (we recommend spicing this weekend up with a cottage-themed dish like Grilled Fish Tacos with Chipotle Lime Dressing. Click here for the recipe!)
– Fill the deck cooler with ice and your favourite beverages, popsicles and… well, it’s a handy place to keep the fishing worms!
– Widdle the perfect campfire stick for marshmallows and spider dogs
– Remember, if you’re drinking alcohol, the rule is: water on the water, beer on the pier! Never drink and drive, guys
– Know Canada’s laws for boating and alcohol – we break it down by provincial laws here


– Pack a picnic lunch and go for a hike with the family
– Uncover the wood pile and chop up some logs for all-night campfires
– Spend a night in the tent and stargaze (on a weather permitting night)
– Set up a hammock overlooking the water for an awesome morning coffee spot
– Grab some bug spray and blankets and check out the fireworks display in town… or even better – watch from the boat!

Think you’ve got what it takes to make this May 24 the most epic, unforgettable weekend of 2018? Gear up, pack some snacks, make sure you’re tuned into the BOATsmart! Ultimate Long Weekend playlist and head out! Although it may be a beer-themed weekend in celebration of Queen Victoria, we urge you to never drink and boat and always wear your life jacket. Boating accidents spike on long weekends and YOU can prevent that by staying safe, planning ahead and wearing the proper gear. Got it? Sweet!

Don’t forget to tag us your fave long weekend photos with @boatsmart so we can see how you kicked off this boating season!





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