May 20, 2016

My Username or Email Already Exists


Did you receive a “Warning: Unfortunately this username or email already exists” message?

Another Account holder is using that email address for their account. Don’t panic – this is most likely your husband or wife, child, or parent.

Why Can’t I Use The Same Email For Another Account?

All course progress, and exam results are unique to you. To make this possible, every boater needs to register with their own email address.

I Don’t Want My Child To Have A Separate Email Address

For security reasons, each account requires a unique email address. Some options to consider are:
– Allow your child to use another one of your emails to Sign Up for an Account, or
– Create an email account for your child, share login credentials and monitor the account
– Create an email account for your child (this can help them learn the responsibility of owning an account online)

How Do I Create An Email Account?

Register with an email service that you like such as the free email services and

You now have an email address! Now that your email address is active,

Sign Up for your BOATsmart! Account!

Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-792-3926!


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