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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, time is ticking for those last-minute gifts. No need to jump off the deep end though because we’ve come up with some epic Mother’s Day ideas just for you (and your mom). The best part is, they’re all about the experience, since after all, you can’t put a price on memories.

Gift her a boating license
There’s a new wave of boaters ready to set sail – women! It’s time women took the captain’s seat and started making their own boating memories. By giving the gift of a boating license, mom can feel cool and comfortable on the water in any scenario. The BOATsmart! course is full of safety instructions and educational modules to help mom boat with confidence. Boating is a relaxing experience; a place to let the problems of the day trickle into the wake behind you. It’s a place for mom to share stories and make family memories with her crew. We all know mom’s already the intrepid captain, this license just makes it official on the water.

Take a coastal drive
Driving down the coast is a mesmerizing experience. The smell of fresh air, the flecks of sunlight that dance along the top of the water and the lingering anticipation of catching a glimpse of rare wildlife are all elements that make this outing an ideal trip with mom for Mother’s Day. Good conversation and junk food are key to this mini road-trip making it one she’ll never forget. Each road lends an opportunity to take in new scenery and create your own adventure, so be sure to charge your camera and make room on your phone to capture whatever may be in store. There are typically look-out points along any coastal route, so if you happen to spot one, take full advantage of that photo-opp. Stop off at a local seafood restaurant that will be serving up the fresh catch of the day and bask in the patio sun while enjoying a frothy beverage before heading back.

Try water Yoga
New yoga trends that involve water have been popping up recently. One of those popular trends is yoga on stand-up paddle boards. This new practice will get you feeling more connected to the outdoors and help make your movements more meticulous and calculated from fear of falling over and embarrassing yourself in front of the entire class. There are also places that offer aqua yoga where you perform your practice submerged in water. It’s easier on joints but much more challenging when it comes to balance and movement.  You’ll leave feeling more calm and relaxed than ever. This new take on a traditional practice is a perfect way to create and share new experiences with your mom for Mother’s Day and who knows, you might even get hooked!

Go fishing together
Give mom the gift of bragging rights at the next family gathering by taking her fishing. Don’t have a boat? Get creative with it and find a cool rock or dock to fish off of; it’s all part of the experience. Fishing has been a long-standing tradition in many families, and although sometimes masked behind the technical jargon and the right to gloat from the triumphant catch-of-the-day, what it really comes down to is the quality time spent with loved ones.  Whether it be at the end of a dock or on the water, making unforgettable memories with your mom and connecting to the outdoors is something you can’t put a price on.

Go on a canoe ride
Take in the serenity and magnificence of the outdoors while paddling your way into mom’s good books. A canoe ride is one of the most peaceful activities you can do on water; with the methodical stroke of the paddle and the connection you feel to the river, lake or sea. You don’t need to go too far to find a spot to launch your canoe for an afternoon paddle as many local resorts offer water sports and will allow you to use their facilities. You can rent a canoe and flow down a lazy river or day-trip-it on a winding creek. Up your game by finding a spot where the sun hits just right and enjoy a lunch by the shore. You might just become moms new favourite – you’re welcome.

With the busy lives we lead from day-to-day, it’s now more important than ever to get outdoors and connect with nature. The mental and physical benefits of being outdoors can create massive positive effects on your overall well-being. It helps you to disconnect from your hectic life and become refreshed and rejuvenated – it’s like our reset button! This Mother’s Day, you can help mom enjoy these natural stress-relievers and give her an unforgettable, unique gift that you can appreciate together.

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May 10, 2018

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