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Learn these 8 Boating Terms so You Aren’t Given Away as an Amateur!

If you’re a beginner boater, the world of boating may seem to be confusing and complex. We’ve put together a guide of 8 commonly used boating terms that all beginners should know. Knowing these there’s no way other boaters will see you as an amateur. Continue reading…

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You’ve heard of the most common nautical knots – the bowline, the round-turn and two half-hitches, the sheet bend – and you may even know how to tie them. But do you remember which knot to use in every situation? Whether you’re a new boater or simply in need a quick refresher, these knots can prevent expensive damage to your craft and even save lives.

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New or used? How much horsepower? While on the lookout for your first boat, you’re bound to have questions. We can’t answer them all in one post, but this is a good place to start: here are some key things to watch out for as a first-time buyer.

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