September 28, 2017

The Great Canadian Boat Name Builder

boatsmart boat names

So you’ve finally picked a new boat, eh? If you thought picking the right vessel was hard, try picking a name that suits it perfectly – that’s the real challenge. The only thing your shiny new toy is missing is a clever and catchy name to go along with it. Naming your boat is something all captains take pride in, so we’ve created this handy boat name builder to help you along the way. Follow the steps to find out what your boat’s name should be!

boatsmart boat names

In our years of helping boaters from coast to coast, we’ve come across some great boat names that scream Canadian pride. Names like ‘The Mighty Canuck’ and ‘Great Canadian Dream’ are faves among patriotic boaters, but we love a good pun too. If you’re the joker of your crew, you’ll get a kick out of a name like ‘Nauti Buoy’, or if you’re determined to be the best boater on your lake and want to show off your competitive nature, go for a racing name like ‘Blew ByYou” or, one of our personal favourites from the sailing world – “Usain Boat”.

funny boat names boatsmart

The name of your boat was often thought to bring luck and good fortune, so captains often named theirs after things they desired. Others named theirs after beloved wives or daughters. No matter what name you go for, it should always reflect your personality and attitude towards life. Choose a name that suits your boating lifestyle and you won’t be sorry! Whatever you do, choose a boat name that suits YOU and don’t succumb to…

funny boat names boatsmart

Haven’t named your boat yet? Well…. It’s….

funny boat names boatsmart

And now that you’ve successfully named your boat, the next task is giving out nicknames to your crew. Last person to get certified is the Swabbie!



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