December 10, 2017

The Ultimate Boater Gift Guide 2017

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The search is over: we’ve made the ultimate gift guide for your boater dad, outdoorsy cousin, and cottage-loving in-laws. Are they tech-savvy, accident-prone, or just a friendly fisherman? We’ve got something for them all. Whether they’ve been nice or “knotty,” every boater deserves one of these top ten nautical holiday presents.

For the active boater

Sunset cruises aren’t quite enough for this boater—it’s all about action. Give them the gift of long, sunny days spent aboard with brand-new tackles, tubes, and tools.

boatsmart gift guide lucky tackle box

A monthly subscription to Lucky Tackle box, $45 for 3 months

Every month, your boater will receive a box full of new lures and baits, free samples, and more—all worth well more than the total cost of the box. Choose “multi-species” or customize by fish type so they get exactly what they like. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

boatsmart gift guide towable tube connelly

A versatile towable for the whole crew, $460

The Connelly Titan 4 lets riders sit or kneel, and doesn’t confine anyone to a tiny donut hole. Balanced and big enough for four people, this tube will guarantee the whole family has a great time on the water.

boatsmart gift guide fishing multitool

An all-in-one fishing multitool, $29

This 17-in-1 tool from Sheffield might look like something from your nightmares, but trust us, it’s every fisherman’s dream. It folds to only 4.5” and it’s made of stainless steel, so it’s durable enough for the roughest rides. With line scissors, a jig buster, a line threader, and more, your favourite fisherman will be fully equipped for their next trip.


For the true boat-lover

How do you find a gift for someone who has everything? These three finds will hit the mark for the boater who already has every possible accessory and gadget in the boat, but also embraces their love for boating in their everyday lifestyle.

boatsmart gift guide power boating canada magazine

A monthly subscription to Power Boating Canada magazine, $20 for 1 year

Let their boating dreams come true, even during the off-season. Every subscription also includes free downloads of the digital editions, so they can carry it all in one device. With a year’s worth of magazines to look forward to, every boating enthusiast will thank you.

boatsmart gift guide captains hat

A personalized captain’s hat, $27

Some boaters truly embody their role as “captain” no matter where they are. They’ll geek out over a classic cap with their name stitched onto the front. Only one downside: no more excuses not to use their full title from now on!

boatsmart gift guide ocean calendar 2018

An ocean dream calendar for 2018, $33 with a wooden stand

Celebrate their love for the ocean every day of the year. This calendar comes in separate sheets so it can be hung, pinned, taped, stood up or slid under a desk protector depending on your boater’s preference. With gorgeous photographs of coastal views from all across the US, it can never be a bad day.


For the captain of “technology and water – what could go wrong?”

Some people love to have their tunes, texts, and photography everywhere they go—even on the water. Instead of losing expensive gadgets to the waves, invest in these waterproof, sink-proof, (and idiot-proof) devices.

boatsmart gift guide floating keychain

A keychain that floats, $9

Keys overboard? No problem! The Chums Neo is made of high-density foam covered in neoprene, so it can float with up to 3 keys attached. Protect even the clumsiest boaters from losing their keys with this stocking stuffer.

boatsmart gift guide waterproof phone pouch

A waterproof phone pouch, $30

We’ve all had that near-disaster moment of almost dropping a phone in the water. Banish the panic with a fully submersible Aquapac case that fits almost every phone (even the phablets). Touchscreen, microphone, and speaker capabilities will all remain functional, so your boater can make a call and even take photos underwater!

boatsmart gift guide speaker

A rugged wireless speaker, $130

This Turtle Shell speaker by Outdoor Technology is made for the wilderness. Like most wireless speakers, it can be connected to any device with Bluetooth or an AUX port, and needs to recharge after about 25 hours of use. But this is no ordinary speaker; it can also be fully submerged, used as a power bank, and displays its battery life on your device (so they’ll never again have to guess if the speaker is charged enough for the whole trip!).

boatsmart gift guide gopro mec

A pocket-sized 4K GoPro camera, $400

Though it’s the biggest splurge on our list, the HERO5 Session is worthwhile for the serious techie. It can capture up to 10 metres below the surface, so the final moments of the big catch will never be missed. Complete with noise reduction, video stabilization, enhanced low-light performance and hands-free voice controls, this camera has everything a boater could imagine.


For every boater on your list

No matter what kind of boater they are, there’s also a BOATsmart card they would love. Until December 25th, you can get one “hull” of a gift (and save big) with our prepaid gift cards. It’s a holiday card, boater education course, and boating license all in one, at up to 40% off—it’s a Christmas miracle!

boatsmart gift guide free cards

Has your boater already got their license? You can still download and print our holiday cards for free right here:


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