August 16, 2017

Top 10 Essentials for Boating with your Dog

boatsmart summerdogdays

If your first crew-mate is more puppy than pirate, don’t worry! We’ve created a collection of water-friendly essentials that will ensure your furry friends have a safe and fun-filled time on the water. Make the most of the dog days of summer with this list of essentials for a weekend by the water with your dog.  

  1.       Paws Aboard!  Never leave a man behind – including your dog. To ensure safe and efficient access on and off the boat, grab this doggy ramp and ladder and bring the whole family onboard.

Doggy Boat Ladder $197.90

boatsmart summerdogdays dog ladder

  1.       Go Fish! You’ll be playing til you’re dog-tired with this rubber fish toy from Attach string through the hole and throw them in – the colourful design will give your pup plenty to chew on!

Ruff Dawg Flying Fish $16.99

boatsmart summerdogdays fish toy

  1. .  Play frisbee! This natural rubber frisbee comes in a variety of colours and can be folded, twisted and chewed on. Added bonus: it can also be used as a water bowl so your pooch can stay hydrated all day.

Flying Discs Water Toy $9.99

boatsmart summer dog days

  1.  Drink Up! You may be surrounded by water, but ensure your pup drinks fresh from a bowl and not from the lake to avoid risk of bacteria or parasites! This collapsible water bowl fits in your back pocket and holds enough to  keep the thirstiest dogs hydrated all day long.

Quencher Dog Bowl $14.95

boatsmart summer dog days

  1.       Stay Protected! A day on the water without sunscreen is a recipe for disaster for everyone including your pet, especially breeds with short hair or any exposed skin.   

Epi-Pet Sunscreen $17.95

boatsmart summer dog days

  1.       Shark Attack! Here’s a challenge for your paddling pup – how will they cope with a shark in the water?! This colourful cretin might drive them barking mad, but we’re sure they’ll put up a good fight.

Chill Out Splash Shark $14.99

boatsmart shark dog days

  1.    Safety First! We’re all about having fun on and in the water – and the easiest way to guarantee a good time is by staying accident free. Make sure your pooch is appropriately suited up for your next adventure.

PetSmart Dog Vest $39.99-$59.99

boatsmart summerdogdays dog lifejacket

  1.       Keep Clean. If you’re out for the day and don’t want a mess on your hands, this porta-potty is a handy tool! Specially scented faux sod has the look and feel of real grass to make it the natural spot for your pooch.

Potty Patch $39.87

boatsmart summerdogdays

  1.       Furry First Aid. If you’re spending the weekend waterside at the cottage, check out this list of Doggy First-Aid to protect your pet against everything from scratches to sun stroke.  

a target=”_blank” href=””>boatsmart summerdogdays first aid

  1.   Last but not least, get a co-captain! Your pet may be the only member of the family who can’t get a boat license, but they can still look the part. This cute costume consists of 2 pieces and is great for small dogs, with velcro closures that won’t irritate your pup.

Cat and Dog Sailor Costume $14.27

boatsmart summerdogdays

Buy your boating license before August 24th and 5% of the proceeds will go directly to the Humane Society of Canada! Snap some shots of your pooch by the water and share with us using #SummerDogDays to WIN a BOATsmart! Paw Pack Prize, and give your dog the chance to be crowned Canada’s K-P Captain!

boatsmart summer dog days



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