May 17, 2018

Top 6 Board Games For The Long Weekend!

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The May 2-4 long weekend is coming up quick, and we want you to be prepared for some serious family fun –  at all hours of the day! Dedicated weekend warriors know that no hours are left to boredom. Family breakfast in the morning, wakeboarding, tubing and waterskiing all day, and when the sun has set, we sit around crackling campfires. But what about that awkward twilight hour around dusk when the bugs are fierce, you’re wiped from being on the water and in the sun all day and it’s still just a little too bright for a campfire? One thing’s for sure – it’s been an awesome day on the lake. Now make it an awesome night and play some fun, classic board games!

If we all thought about it, we’re positive you could remember a hilarious board game memory where Dad did something ridiculous and Mom shook her head in disbelief. That’s why we collected the ‘Top 6 Board Games’ for you to play! Buckle up, grab the snacks and gather round the dining room table – it’s game time.

Trivial Pursuit

Does your family enjoy a challenge? Certified fun for the whole family, Trivial Pursuit will test your memory, match family wits and unveil the Albert Einstein of the family! (ages 8+)


Well-known for being the world’s favourite family gaming brand, Monopoly turns an hour of boredom into all night competitive fun. Roll the dice, move around the board and buy all the property you can – and don’t forget to collect when you pass “GO”! (ages 8+)


This color-coded, timed game will make game time outrageously fun with 4 categories of team gameplay! Spell, puzzle, act, hum or guess your way to victory and watch Dad get tongue-tied in the process. (ages 16+)


For the Sherlock Holmes in the family, Clue will challenge your family’s detective skills! Find the killer, weapon, and location to crack the case! (ages 8+)


Better get the dictionary out, because Mom knows her stuff! Concoct the most sumptuous, valuable words to show off your vocabulary (feel free to use those words), hit those triple word scores and win the most points before the bag of letters runs out! (ages 8+)


Heads Up

Are you a smartphone family? Download the ‘Heads Up’ app for some gut-wrenching laughter! Use your smartphone to choose from 18 themed decks and enjoy endless fun, at least until your phone dies!). (ages 12+)

If board games aren’t your thing and you have access to WiFi, why not spend the night certifying the rest of the family so everyone can drive the boat on the long weekend? Register now and save more for every boater that signs up!

If all else fails, bring out the cards and play the favourites: Go Fish, Big Bertha, Crazy Eights and more! Have a great long weekend, boaters, and we hope you make some crazy, funny, ridiculous memories during your awesome game night!



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