With almost 100,000 bodies of water (yes, really!), Saskatchewan is the go-to place for Canadians looking to fish, boat and enjoy as many days as humanly possible out on the water. Whether you’re on the massive Lake Athabasca or canoeing on the Fond du Lac River, there’s always something to do. However, there are strict regulations for boaters around the proper licensing of pleasure crafts in Saskatchewan. Make sure you’re safe, legal and ready for all the boat days your heart desires. We’re breaking down all there is to know about boat registration in Saskatchewan.

How Do I Know If My Boat Needs to Be Registered?

In Saskatchewan, you’ll need to licence it or register most boats. Most likely, the boats you’re operating are probably considered pleasure crafts in Canada, which means that they’re used for leisure. Odds are you have a pleasure craft if you’re using your boat for fishing, water skiing, swimming, or to hang out in; if so, you’ll need to licence it. If you’re wondering whether you’re not your boat needs to be licenced, it does if it has a motor of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more.

In Canada, certain boats require actual registration with the Canadian Register of Vessels: commercial vessels, government-owned vessels, barges, commercial river rafts, vessels with a marine mortgage and vessels travelling outside of Canada are the only things. Pleasure crafts only need a licence.

What Boats Are Exempt?

If you own and operate a pleasure craft in Saskatchewan, you’ll need to licence it unless you meet one of these exceptions:

  • Pleasure crafts with a motor of less than 10 horsepower (7.5 kW)
  • A pleasure craft with a Transport Canada registration
  • Pleasure crafts purchased less than 90 days ago (this is only a grace period, and pleasure craft boaters in Saskatchewan must carry documentation with their name, address, and purchase date)

How Do I Licence My Pleasure Craft in Saskatchewan?

To get your Pleasure Craft Licence in Saskatchewan, you can apply online or via mail. The Application for Pleasure Craft Licence can be printed and mailed alongside all required documents or done online. You’ll need the following documents:

  • The completed application
  • Signed photocopy of the valid government-issued identification for each owner
  • A copy of the bill of sale or proof of ownership (home-built boats without a bill of sale may submit a declaration under oath)
  • A current, full side view photo of the pleasure craft


How Much Does it Cost To Licence a Pleasure Craft in Saskatchewan?

There is no fee to obtain your pleasure craft licence in Saskatchewan. However, any pleasure craft caught operating with no licence will be charged a fee of $250.

How Do I Transfer Ownership To My New Pleasure Craft?

In Canada, it’s fairly easy to transfer ownership of a boat or a pleasure craft. To transfer ownership, you’ll complete the application for a Pleasure Craft Licence by writing “transfer ownership” in the field marked for application reason. You’ll need the following pieces of documentation to transfer ownership successfully:

  • The completed application
  • Signed photocopy of the valid government-issued identification for each owner
  • A copy of the bill of sale or proof of ownership
  • A current, full side view photo of the pleasure craft


What Else Do I Need to Know About Pleasure Craft Licences in Saskatchewan?

You must display the licence number at all times on both sides of your pleasure craft’s bow in a contrasting colour that is easy to read. The licence number must be displayed at least a height of 7.5 centimetres (or 3 inches), and operators must always carry the licence on board.

In Saskatchewan and all other Canadian provinces, Pleasure Craft Licences issued in 2010 or after are valid for 10 entire years, though the licence will need to be updated with any name or address changes.

Every boater in Canada has to carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate any motorized pleasure craft (no matter whether you’re fishing, jet skiing, or simply hanging around). To obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card in Saskatchewan, you’ll need to take a boating safety course such as BOATsmart!’s, and we’re pretty big fans of fun education.

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