Preventing Boat Theft

As boat owners and operators, we value our boats for the relaxing experiences they provide and the great memories we have of sunny days on the water. A thief, however, values your boat’s dollar value. You can prevent boat theft by doing the following:


Trademark It:

Trademarking your boat to prevent theft

Put plenty of marks on your boat to personalize it. You could use an engraving device to carefully etch your name into fiberglass or metal areas (but make sure these areas are above the water line!). It’s also a good idea to mark parts that could be removed and resold, such as props, wakeboard towers or engines. Make sure you don’t mark an area that can’t be touched, like the HIN.


 Lock It Up:

Locking up your boat to prevent theft

An unlocked boat is as easy to steal from as an unlocked car. A good lock will deter thieves who don’t want to linger around the boat and raise suspicion, especially if the boat is moored in a crowded dock area. Any lock is better than no lock at all—so lock it up. Especially if you keep valuables in the cabin!


Be Trailer Safe:

Boat trailer safety

If your boat is sitting on a trailer, it will be particularly exposed to theft. Think about it—a thief could simply back up to the hitch, hook up and drive off with your boat. To prevent this, you can place a hitch lock on the ball of the trailer, or you can jack the trailer up on blocks and remove the tires. Unless thieves can carry your boat away, it won’t be going anywhere.