Casting Off

There’s not much we enjoy more than casting off from the dock to go boating for the afternoon with family and friends. Here are our top tips to get you out boating safely and with confidence:

  1. All passengers should be seated properly with their hands and feet inside the boat.
  1. For boats equipped with enclosed engine compartments, operate the ventilation system (blower) for at least four minutes before starting the engine.
  1. Start the engine
  • PWC operators should ensure the engine’s kill switch (safety lanyard) is securely attached to their wrist or PFD at all times.
  1. Check your surroundings for any obstacles or other boats.
  1. Untie all mooring lines and push the boat away from the dock:
  • As you leave the dock, the stern of your boat will likely swing back towards the dock–push your boat well clear of the dock at both the bow and stern
  • Be careful if the wind is pushing your boat towards shore–you may need to operate in reverse, angling the stern away from the dock before pulling away, to avoid a potential collision with the dock
  1. Proceed slowly from the dock until it is safe to increase your speed.
  1. Fast acceleration may cause passengers to lose their balance. Ensure all passengers are informed before any rapid acceleration occurs.

Following these simple steps and carrying your Pleasure Craft Operator Card or boat license with you will ensure make the most of your time together.

Boat casting off from the dock