Boating Rules & Regulations

Description of official boating laws, rules and regulations in Canada and the United States.

Ohio’s Firearm Restrictions and Concealed Carry Laws

Firearm Restrictions for Boaters in Ohio Ohio’s firearm restrictions and concealed carry laws require that no person shall discharge a firearm while in or on a vessel, except for those legally engaged in hunting. Except for persons legally engaged in hunting OR persons legally licensed to carry a concealed handgun, no person shall transport or […]

Ohio’s Law Enforcement Authority

Within the area of their jurisdiction, Ohio’s boating laws are enforced by: Sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, marshals, deputy marshals, municipal police officers, township police constables, wildlife officers, park or conservancy district officers, or other law enforcement officers. Ohio’s law enforcement officers have the authority to stop, inspect and board any recreational boat. Stopping or Yielding to […]

Ohio’s Litter Laws

Ohio’s Litter Laws and Environmental Regulations Ohio’s litter laws state that no operator or occupants shall discard litter improperly from any vessel, regardless of intent. No operator shall allow litter to be discarded. Refuse Disposal Prohibited No person shall discard litter on land, in a waterway or on the bank of a waterway where it […]

Ohio’s Boat Registration Requirements

Ohio’s boat registration requirements stipulate that to operate a boat in Ohio, the boat must be properly registered, numbered and titled, if required. Carry your valid boat registration certificate on the boat as proof of having  proper registration. You must also display two square registration tags on the boat. Boat registration certificates and tags can […]

Ohio’s Boater Education Requirements

Boater Education Requirements in Ohio Ohio’s boater education requirements stipulate that any person operating a boat powered by more than 10 horsepower must have a Boater Education Certificate for successful completion of a NASBLA-approved course, or a proficiency examination approved by the Ohio Division of Watercraft. Ohio’s Boater Education Exceptions: A person born before January […]

Pennsylvania’s Boater Education Requirements

Pennsylvania’s Boater Education Requirements Pennsylvania’s boater education requirements stipulate that any person born on or after January 1st, 1982, is required to have a Pennsylvania Boating Safety Education Certificate in order to operate a motorized boat powered by an engine of 25 horsepower or greater. Additionally, a Pennsylvania Boating Safety Education Certificate is required to […]

New Mexico’s Boater Education Requirements

New Mexico’s Boating License Requirements New Mexico’s boater education requirements stipulate that any boat operator born on or after January 1st, 1989, is required to successfully complete an approved Boater Education Course or proctored exam, and obtain a boating license, commonly called a boater education card, before they can legally operate a motorized boat. New Mexico’s Boater […]

Boat Registration and Titling in Alaska

In order to legally operate a motorized boat in the state of Alaska, you must obtain a Certificate of Number and validation decals (boat registration). The state of Alaska does not title boats. A Certificate of Number can be obtained through the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by submitting the required documentation and fees. […]