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BOATsmart! is an exclusive member of Campfire Collective, a partnership of outdoor inspired brands who are on a mission to help you optimize your outdoor pursuits. When you get your boating license with us, you get immediate access to exclusive partner and product discounts. Your membership in the Campfire Collective is free. You’re enrolled when you sign-up for the BOATsmart! Course.

No fees, no obligations - just good times and great deals. Exclusively with BOATsmart! + Campfire.

How It Works

1. Get Certified
Sign-up for your BOATsmart! Course (or enroll in any other Campfire Collective course) to activate your free loyalty membership.

2. Membership Is Free
You’ll be enrolled for free as a Campfire Collective member - no fees, no obligations and no sharing of your personal information.

3. Access Exclusive Discounts
Access exclusive partner discounts from your Account Dashboard. Good times and great deals ahead!

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