Transport Canada’s Boat Registration Requirements

Boat Registration is different from Vessel Licensing in that it provides proof of ownership (legal title), a unique name and official number for your boat and the right to use your boat as security for a marine mortgage. There are costs involved but if you plan on travelling in international waters it is recommended.

Canadian Boat Registration Requirements

In order to register your boat you will be required to:

  • Select at least three names for your boat (only one will be approved)
  • Pay a registration fee
  • Complete an application for registry
  • Produce evidence of ownership/title and statement of qualification for vessel registration
  • Have your boat measured for tonnage

For more information about Pleasure Craft Licensing and Registration visit or call 1-800-267-6687.

How to Transfer Boat Ownership

Transferring Boat Ownership

If selling a boat, you must immediately transfer the ownership by signing the reverse side of your Pleasure Craft License. Then, you must provide it to the new owner, who must complete and sign the reverse side of the Pleasure Craft License and submit it to Transport Canada’s Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre for transfer within 90 days. An owner may operate the boat for 90 days after the date of change of name or address, if documents establishing the date of change of name or address are onboard.