Ohio's State Boating Laws

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Ohio

Various requirements exist for snorkeling and scuba diving. Permission may be required by the ODNR Division of Parks and Recreation.

Additionally, no person shall operate a vessel within 300 feet of an official diver’s flag unless tending the dive operation. No person shall permit operation of a vessel in violation of this law.

Contact your Park Office for more information.

Ohio’s Water Skiing Requirements

Any person who rides or attempts to ride upon water skis or a similar device or who barefoot skis, or any boat operators who tows a skier shall confine that activity within a designated ski zone or open zone.

Ohio's Water Skiing and Snorkeling Requirements

Exceptions to this section exist on Lake Erie, the Ohio River and their immediately connected harbors and anchorage facilities where these zones have not been established.

This does not apply if the vessel if traveling at idle speed in a designated No Wake zone.

As long as it is not within:

  • 300 feet of a gas dock, launch ramp or harbor entrance,
  • An anchorage area, boat swimming area or boat camping area,
  • Within 300 feet or under a bridge underpass,
  • Any area designated as a no ski zone

No person shall permit operation of a vessel in violation of this section.

Hovercraft Laws

No person shall use or operate any air propelled power craft or hovercraft on Ohio State Park waters except in the speed or ski zone and the water leading directly from a ramp or dock to these zones at Indian Lake, Grand Lake St. Marys, Buckeye Lake, Mosquito Lake and Rocky Fork Lake.

Airfoil Laws

While being towed behind a boat, no person shall have any airfoil or balloon for the purpose of becoming airborne over Ohio State Park waters.