Pre-Departure Checklist

Completing a Pre-Departure Checklist before getting underway is an excellent way to avoid unsuitable operating conditions and reduce the risk of a breakdown. You should always use a Pre-Departure Checklist to ensure that your boat has the right safety equipment onboard. It only takes a few minutes to fill out your checklist and it is time well spent!

Download a BOATsmart! Pre-Departure Checklist here!

To prevent being in an emergency situation, operators are responsible for ensuring they have the boating experience and skill level for the planned trip BEFORE leaving the dock.


Instructing your Passengers

As the boat operator, it is important to talk to your passengers before leaving the dock. Use your pre-departure checklist as a discussion prompt to familiarize passengers with the following procedures:

Family of boaters discussing their pre-departure checklist

As the operator, you are responsible for instructing your passengers to:

Several boating safety organizations, including the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, offer free courtesy checks for pleasure craft to help operators ensure they have the proper safety equipment onboard. These knowledgeable boating experts can help to identify any potential problems.