Before Heading Out

What boaters need to consider before heading out on the water for a safe trip.

Boat Trailering, Launching and Loading

Boat Trailering: Transporting your Boat Safely Transporting your boat safely isn’t difficult. Boat trailering is a matter of choosing the right towing equipment, using common sense when loading and unloading your boat, and being confident with the techniques for driving safely with a trailer. How to choose the right boat trailer To determine which style […]

Using a Pre-departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Checklist Completing a Pre-Departure Checklist before getting underway is an excellent way to avoid unsuitable operating conditions and reduce the risk of a breakdown. You should always use a Pre-Departure Checklist to ensure that your boat has the right safety equipment onboard. It only takes a few minutes to fill out your checklist and […]

Boat Trailering

Towing and Boat Trailering Boat trailering safely isn’t difficult. It’s a matter of choosing the right towing equipment, using common sense when loading and unloading your boat and being confident with the techniques for driving safely with a trailer in tow.   Choosing the Right Boat Trailer Federal law classifies boat trailers according to the maximum […]

Boat Maintenance and Storage

Maintaining Your Boat Don’t let a breakdown spoil a great day on the water. As a responsible boater, you must check and maintain your boat and its equipment on a regular basis. This practice will familiarize you with basic repairs and will help ensure the safety of everyone on the water.   Boat Maintenance Procedure […]

Filing a Float Plan

What is a Float Plan? A Float Plan, also called a Trip Plan, is a document that outlines your expected travel journey while boating. Consider it a way of leaving a footprint on the water that can be followed by anyone who may be searching for you. Where to Leave Your Plan Your Float Plan […]

Florida’s Boat Registration and Trailering Laws

Florida’s Boat Registration and Titling Requirements According to Florida’s boat registration laws, to operate a boat legally on Florida’s Public Waters, you are required to obtain a Florida Certificate of Registration and a validation decal. Operators are required to carry their Certificate of Registration on board during boat operation. Certificates of Registration are valid for […]

Using a Trip Plan

What is a Trip Plan? A trip plan (also known as a float plan or sail plan) is a document that outlines your expected travel itinerary while on the water. The document should be given to a responsible person on shore. In the event that you do not return from your trip on time, a […]

How to Fuel a Boat or PWC

Planning Ahead Running out of fuel is the number one cause of boater distress. Make sure that you plan your trip requirements and carry enough fuel to get you there… and back without any trouble. Use the ‘rule of thirds’ when considering the amount of fuel that’s required for your trip: One-third (1/3) to go […]

Checking the Weather

Local Forecasts Understanding weather and water conditions is vital to boating safely. You should always check the local weather forecast to obtain current, relevant information before heading out on the water. Operating your vessel without prior knowledge of potential weather hazards may put your vessel and passengers at risk. Local forecasts are available from: Local newspaper […]

Maintaining Your Boat

Maintaining your Boat There’s nothing more enjoyable than a day on the water. Don’t let it get spoiled by a breakdown. As a responsible boater, you should always plan ahead and properly maintain your boat and equipment. Inspect your boat regularly, at the beginning of each boating season and before every boating trip. Being familiar with basic repairs […]