Boating Safety Equipment & Gear

Information on boating equipment, gear and requirements for boaters in the United States and Canada.

Ohio’s Boat Equipment Requirements

Ohio’s boat equipment requirements include additional carriage requirements for sound signals, anchors, and distress equipment. Be sure that you’re familiar with the boat safety equipment requirements for your state before you head out on the water. Sound Signal Equipment Requirements A vessel of 12 meters (39.4 feet) or more in length shall be provided with […]

Ohio’s Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Ohio’s Fire Extinguisher Requirements Ohio’s fire extinguisher requirements state that no person shall operate or permit to be operated any powercraft that does not meet the fire extinguisher requirement. Powercraft exempted from this requirement are those: Propelled by electric motors, Less than 26 feet in length, powered by an outboard motor, of “open construction,” which […]

Ohio’s Life Jacket Laws

Ohio’s life jacket laws state that other than commercial vessels, no person shall operate or permit to be operated any watercraft that is 16 feet or greater in length without carrying one, Type I, II or III wearable PFD for each person on board, plus one, Type IV (throwable) PFD. Watercraft that are less than […]

Pennsylvania’s Muffler Requirements and Noise Level Laws

Muffler Requirements in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania’s muffler requirements state that the exhaust of every engine used on a motorized boat must be effectively muffled by equipment designed to muffle or suppress the noise of the exhaust in a reasonable manner. Boat exhaust systems may not be modified in any manner that will reduce or eliminate the […]

Life Jacket Laws in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Life Jacket Laws Life jacket laws in Pennsylvania require all boats to have a USCG-approved wearable life jacket on board for each person. Life jackets must be the appropriate size for the person intended. Check the life jacket label to ensure it’s the appropriate size for the person wearing it and make sure the […]

Florida’s Boat Safety Equipment and Lighting Requirements

Laws in regards to Florida’s boat safety equipment requirements vary depending on the state you’re boating in and the size of boat you’re operating. Minimum Boat Safety Equipment and Lighting Requirements In Florida the following minimum boat safety equipment is required on all Class A recreational boats (less than 16 feet in length), canoes and […]

Maintaining Life Jackets and PFDs

Serviceable Life Jackets and Personal Flotation Devices For your life jacket to be ‘serviceable’ it must meet the following requirements: It must be Coast Guard-approved. It must be free of tears, rips or any other damages. All of the closures and zippers must work properly. Always check to ensure these requirements are met before you head […]

Life Jacket and Boat Equipment Laws in New Mexico

New Mexico’s Life Jacket Laws New Mexico’s life jacket laws require that all boats must carry a Coast Guard-approved, wearable lifejacket of proper size for each person on board or being pulled as a skier, plus one Coast Guard-approved throwable device, cushion or ring buoy. A throwable flotation device is not required for personal watercraft, […]

Alaska’s Boating License and Life Jacket Requirements

Boating License Requirements in Alaska There are no boating license requirements in Alaska. The state of Alaska does not require boaters to obtain and carry a Boater Education Card (commonly called a boating license). However, obtaining a Boating License will make you a safer and more confident boater. Alaska’s Age and Horsepower Restrictions There are […]

Checking Weather and Water Conditions

Checking the Weather and Water Keeping an eye to the sky is an important part of planning any outdoor adventure. In many cases, both your safety and your enjoyment of the outdoor trip will depend entirely on the weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before you leave the dock–but be aware that the weather can […]