Lost Boating License?

If you’ve lost your Boater Education Card or want extra copies for the cottage, cabin or boat, BOATsmart! Replacement Cards are just a phone call away.

Order today. Call us toll free: 1-877-655-7778.

Don’t be left onshore.

If you’ve already lost your Card, then you know the benefit of having a back-up on hand. Keep one in your wallet, one on each of your boats and one for back-up. Remember: You MUST carry an original Boater Education Card on board at all times or you risk a fine. Photocopies of your Boater Education Card are not considered to be legal proof of competency.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Backup Boat License PCOC Card

Get a back-up.

Keep one for back-up in case
you lose your Card again.

One boat license for each Boater

One for each boat.

Stow a Card in each boat
so you’ll never have to worry.

Tackle Box Boat

Put it in the tackle box.

Always be prepared on those early mornings. You need to focus on reeling in the fish!

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