Here at BOATsmart! we like to keep things fresh and relevant; always looking to help our customers optimize their outdoor pursuits, especially on the water. We’ve launched our new platform, Campfire Collective where we curate inspiring content, and provide high-quality educational materials, subject matter expertise and discounts on leading outdoor brands. With this launch we have done a complete overhaul of our BOATsmart! Course. Check out all of the exciting details below!

Illustrations and Animations

Our experienced courseware developers have worked hard to update the illustrated and animated content in our new BOATsmart! course. Each of the interactive lessons have had a complete overhaul where you can expect real-life scenarios, life-like scenery and characters, and detailed technical-style illustrated and animated content.

We’ve also created first-person point-of-view animations to give you an exact idea of what a specific scenario would look like. You no longer have to wait to be out on the water to understand exactly what to anticipate.

We focus on the content that matters most to boaters such as how to launch your boat, red right returning and docking your boat.

Updated Narration

Meet our new BOATsmart! Course narrator! Our fresh, new narrations eliminate the need to read through hours of material. Simply listen and follow along with our guided narrations to make learning an absolute breeze.

New Crew Members

We’re excited to introduce our new crew members who follow you throughout the course and help to identify right from wrong boating best practices. Joe Boater is our resident boating expert character who will guide you through the course, teaching you basics of safe boat operation, and how to boat with confidence.

Crash Test Captain, on the other hand, demonstrates “what not to do” and the dangers of unsafe boat operations. Don’t be like this guy. These new crew members keep things fun and entertaining – perfect for all ages but specifically helpful at keeping the kids engaged!

Back to Basics

We have improved our course by removing unnecessary jargon to keep it to-the-point with the most relevant information. Our simple and easy to understand lessons will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe and confident boater. The courseware language has been updated and stripped of extraneous content so as not to be overwhelming. This is especially helpful for boaters who have been on the water for years and need a refresher course or young boaters who won’t feel inundated with over-complicated information.

Module Summary Infographics

Each of our module summary lessons includes a handy downloadable infographic. Download and print them to use as a quick reference during your quizzes and final exam! Or keep them at the cottage or on the boat so you’ve always got the basics on-hand

We hope you enjoy the new and improved BOATsmart! course. We are excited to bring you best-in-class lessons to get your boating license or take a refresher course if you already have one. From fresh new narration, realistic illustrations and animations to ensuring that you learn the most relevant information, we have developed this course with you in mind to make it captivating and entertaining while staying informative and educational.