Canadian Boating License. We make it simple.

Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card in 3 easy steps.

Study Canada's Official Boating Course online.

Watch, listen & learn on any device. Our fully animated & narrated boating lessons put you right in the Captain's seat! Perfect for all ages & learning styles. Want to get certified from your smartphone while sitting on the dock? You can with BOATsmart!.

Study at your own pace

Study at your own pace.

Study at your own pace from anywhere, on any device. We'll automatically track your progress as you go. You don't have to complete the Course in one sitting & your one-time fee will never expire. It's 100% worry-free!

Everything included

Everything included.

The BOATsmart! Course is 100% Transport Canada Approved and includes all the knowledge you need to pass the official Pleasure Craft Operator Card Test and obtain your Canadian Boat License.

No supervisor required

No supervisor required.

It's all open-book! You do not require a supervisor to take the BOATsmart! Online Course or to take the Official Transport Canada Test. Study at your convenience, from home, at anytime.

Designed For Boaters

Designed for boaters.

Canada's Boating Course was designed by boaters, for boaters - just like you! All the lessons are narrated and animated with easy-to-understand illustrations. Perfect for Canadian boaters of all ages.

No Risk, Money Back Guaranteed.

Pass the Online Test.

Take the Official Boating Safety Test from anywhere, including the comfort of home, the office or while you're kicking back in a hammock. The Online Boating Test is 100% open book and available to Canadian boaters of all ages, including boaters under 16 years of age.

Free unlimited retries

Free, unlimited Test retries.

Free unlimited Test retries are included and the BOATsmart! Pleasure Craft Operator Card Test is open book. If you don't pass on the first attempt you can retry the Online Test at no charge, at any time.

How hard is the test

How hard is the Online Boating Test?

Don’t sweat it! We’ll help you progress through Canada's Online Boating Course, and you’ll learn everything you need in order to pass the Test and obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

The BOATsmart! Test consists of 50 multiple choice questions, so all of the answers are right there for you. You’ll need at least 75% (38 out of 50) to pass, but don’t stress because the Test is open book. The BOATsmart! Test is officially recognized and approved by Transport Canada. Which means your Pleasure Craft Operator Card will be good for life and valid in all of Canada's Provinces & Territories.

You're set. Go boating!

Print an official Temporary Card immediately when you pass. The standard one-time fee includes your Permanent Card mailed within 4 weeks.

Required for all ages

Required for all ages.

Federal law in Canada requires all operators of motorized boats to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. This legal requirement applies to all ages, boat lengths and engine sizes – even small boats fitted with electric trolling motors.

Powerboat operators caught without the Card face a minimum $250 fine. Boaters must carry their Operator Card on board at all times. Photocopies do not meet the legal requirement.

Valid across North America

Valid across North America.

BOATsmart! is approved by Transport Canada and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). That means your BOATsmart! License is valid in all of Canada's provinces and territories, and in more than 40 U.S. states

Good for life

Good for life.

Once obtained, your BOATsmart! Pleasure Craft Operator Card is good for life. Your standard one-time fee includes unlimited access to the BOATsmart! Online Boating Course and access to BOATsmart!’s free Knowledge Base and Animated Refresher Lessons.

BOATsmart! maintains a national Pleasure Craft Operator Card database. Should you ever lose your Card, a replacement Boating License is only a call, email or click away. We’re here to help 365 days a year.