Canada's Boating Safety Course.

Everything you need. 100% Transport Canada approved.

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Online Boating Course.

The BOATsmart! Course is 100% Transport Canada Approved and includes all the knowledge required to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Take the Course online at your own pace with easy-to-understand, step by step lessons.

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Course overview.

Everything you need to pass the Pleasure Craft Operator Card Test & boat safely.

Each lesson is narrated and brilliantly illustrated so you can progress quickly and remember what you’ve learned. With more than 100 animated and interactive lessons, our Online Boating Course is perfect for all ages and experience levels. The BOATsmart! Course is organized into the following learning modules:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Operator Competency
  • Competency Requirements
  • Age and Horsepower Restrictions
  • The Boating Basics
  • Boating Terminology
  • Module 1 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Boating Code, Acts and Regulations
  • Alcohol and Boating
  • Boat Licensing and Registration
  • Operating A Boat Responsibly
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Boat Safety Equipment
  • Distress Equipment
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Required Boat Safety Equipment
  • Module 2 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Maintenance
  • Transporting Your Craft
  • Understanding Local Hazards
  • Checking the Weather
  • Using a Trip Plan
  • Fuelling Your Craft
  • Using a Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Module 3 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Loading People and Equipment
  • Getting Underway
  • Safety Underway
  • Controlling Your Pleasure Craft
  • Anchoring Your Craft
  • Sharing the Waterways
  • Towing Actions
  • Module 4 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Right-of-Way
  • Powerboat Navigation
  • Powerboat Navigation Review
  • Using Sound Signals for Navigation
  • Operating During Restricted Visibility
  • Navigation Lights
  • Required Navigation Lights
  • Navigating at Night
  • Navigating Unique Waterways
  • Module 5 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Lateral System Navigation
  • Day Beacons
  • ‘Red Right Returning’
  • Determining Upstream
  • The Cardinal System
  • Restricted Signs
  • Buoys and Flags
  • Module 6 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module
  • Responding to Emergencies
  • Running Aground
  • Capsizing
  • Swamping and Sinking
  • Collisions and Abandoning Ship
  • Person Overboard
  • Cold Water / Cold Weather Survival
  • Breakdown and Mechanical Failure
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Fighting a Fire
  • Distress Signals
  • Module 7 Summary and Quiz
Online Course Module

Simple & straight-forward

Learn everything you need to know, or your money back.

Interactive Boating Lessons

You're right in the Captain's seat.

We’ve hand-picked the lessons that we know you’ll find a bit tougher, and made them easier to understand. How? By developing our own interactive lessons that help you to put your knowledge into practice. It’s like sitting in the Captain's seat, wheel in hand, without the stress of going on the wrong side of that red marker buoy!

Interactive Boating Lessons

Watch, listen & learn

Seeing and hearing is the best way to learn. When visual learning is combined with audio narration, students remember and recall better. It sinks in. That’s why every BOATsmart! lesson includes brilliant illustrations along with easy-to-follow narration. BOATsmart! Exam includes the most animated and interactive lessons available, so you’ll be boating with confidence in no time.

Everything You Need Boater

Everything included.

The BOATsmart! Exam Course includes everything you need to pass the Pleasure Craft Operator Card Test and obtain your Canada Boating License. But there’s more to learn out on the water such as towing and launching a boat or how to dock your boat in the wind. So we’ve included the perfect amount of bonus content to help you boat like a pro.

Open Book Boat Exam

At your fingertips.

The BOATsmart! Printed Study Guide is the perfect Test companion. Follow along in your BOATsmart!® Study Guide and use it for the open book exam. Can’t remember which side of that marker buoy to pass on? Throw the BOATsmart! Study Guide on the boat and you’ve got a comprehensive reference guide at your fingertips.