It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to start wondering what on earth you’re going to gift your friends and family. Luckily, we have you covered with the perfect picks for your boating friends. From practical to over the top, we’ve rounded up our favourite gifts for the boater in your life!

1. New boat speakers

Is there anything better than an on-boat jam session? We think not! A selection of new waterproof boat speakers are the perfect gift for every boater you know. Make jamming out to music, listening to podcasts or tuning into the weather station an epic experience. You can pick out a lighter bluetooth pair or completely replace on-boat speakers — either way, you can trust that it’s a great gift!

2. A boat cover

Every boater needs a boat cover, and a new one is one of those practical gifts that everyone can benefit from. If you have a boater friend who’s in need of a new boat cover, this is a great gift idea. Try finding one in their favourite color or pattern.

3. Fancy compass

Even if your favourite boater has a compass within their boat, there’s something nostalgic (and helpful!) about a gorgeous hand compass. Buy your favourite boating friend a personalized, etched compass or a gold one — and watch as it becomes a heirloom forever!

4. Fishing gear

Most boaters we know love to fish! This is why new fishing gear might just be your best bet for the boater on your shopping list. You can go really practical with a new rod and reel, or you can try something fun like a new tackle box, new bait or sonar bobber.

5. Rain jacket

There’s nothing worse than getting drenched on a boat day gone rainy — and there’s also few things as annoying as getting wet and misted by boat spray when it’s chillier outside. Enter: a new waterproof jacket for your favourite boater, AKA one of the most versatile gifts you can possibly give.

6. Solar charger

These days, electronics are a part of life — which is why a solar charger is an excellent gift for boaters. Stick one in your go-to boater’s stocking, and trust that it’s a highly effective and useful gift idea for years to come.


7. A coffee machine

Everyone can benefit from a steaming hot mug of coffee. Stock up your favourite boater with a small coffee machine (and a few bags of coffee!) to get them prepared for early mornings out on the water.

8. Captain hat

The way we see it, there’s no idea better than getting a personalized captain’s hat for your favourite boat captain! Plus, a personalized captain’s hat — or even just a regular captain’s hat — is one of those gifts that everyone can brag about.

9. Floating cooler

Once you put your anchor down, it’s always fun to take a dip — so why not gift your boater friends a floating cooler? They can pack it with food and drinks, making it a perfect choice for your boating friends who love to entertain on the water.

10. Survival bracelet

Practical gifts are always a great idea for boaters — so why not try a survival bracelet? They’re made with paracord, and you can buy one that includes a fire starter, a compass and even a knife just in case your boating friend finds themselves in a pickle one day.

There you have it – our favourite gift ideas for the boaters on your list! Want a bonus idea? Give the gift of boating safety. If you have a new boater on your list, access to BOATsmart! can get them to the water with confidence!