Trying to decide what to get dad for Father’s Day? Look no further! We have the perfect gift to land you in dad’s good books and him a story-worthy catch! Share these awesome fishing tips with him so he can fish like a pro and reel in the big one. Give Dad the gift of ‘bragging rights’ for the day by helping him improve his fishing game.

Tune Your Crankbait

Cast your lure and as you reel it back in, watch to see if it comes back straight to the boat. If it seems to run to the right, tweak the eyelet to the left with needle nose pliers and vice versa if it’s running to the left. If your lure isn’t tuned properly it won’t be working the way it was intended to and the fish won’t find it as attractive. Crankbait is some of the most important tools an angler can own. Click this link for the best Rapala crankbaits and how to fish them.

Oxygen Content

Water temperature and oxygen content go hand-in-hand. Cold water has the ability to hold more oxygen than warm water. Hot summer temperatures may heat the water up so much that it isn’t able to hold enough oxygen for the fish. Places where water drains from or enters will typically be colder in temperature and a favourable spot for fish. You will most likely find baitfish and the bigger fish that eat them in these areas. Another tip if the water is too warm is to drop your lure below the warm water to the cooler water. This can be up to 15 feet deep. There will be high oxygen content just above where the cold and warm water meet. This may be the sweet spot where you’ll have a lot of success.

Look for Sunken Structures

There are plenty of structures to look out for that will have fish swimming around just waiting to be caught.

Fish like to hang around structures as they offer protection from other species. There are plenty of structures to look out for that will have fish swimming around just waiting to be caught. Look out for downed trees, weeds or rocks. Try using a spinner bait with a red or pink head and a crank bait with red hooks. These colours will fool the fish into thinking the bait is injured and easier to eat.

Wind Plays a Factor

When the wind is strong you can expect the fish to get pushed closer to the shore. The strong wind can confuse the movements of smaller fish. If you venture out beyond the shores, you may be able to find larger fish that are going after the bait fish. Casting in this type of weather can be tricky. You will want to opt for a sidearm flick rather than the overhead toss. Keep it below the wind to better direct your bait to the spot where the fish are.

Decide on Your Target Species

Different species like different areas of the water and different bait. In order to land the big one you will first want to decide which species you’re going after. Do some preliminary research to find out what they like to eat and where they like to hang out. Check out this article that will help you catch specific fish during the summer months using different techniques.

Pick the Right Bait Colour

As seasons change, it’s a good idea to change the colour of your bait. In autumn and winter – when the water is clear – the brighter you want your bait to be. If the water is coloured, then scent will be more important than colour. Opt for baits such as soft or hard pellets.

Find the Food to Find the Fish

A piece of advice is to find where the fish are feeding because that’s where they will be more apt to bite. It’s important to know and understand the feeding habits of your lake and the ecosystem you’re fishing in. If you’re in a lake or pond, look for the bait fish or other prey. If the bait fish are there, the game fish shouldn’t be far behind. In streams search for “feeding lanes”. These are narrow, faster currents that carry insects and other food downstream. Wherever these feeding lanes pass by rocks, ledges or structures you are likely to find the fish.

Find the Right Temperature

Each species of fish has a preferred temperature. They rely on the environment around them to help regulate their temperature. They will move deeper or shallower depending on which temperature they prefer to be in. If you know the preferred temperature range of the fish you’re trying to catch, it will help you land the big one. Check out this article to find out which species prefer which temperature.

Spend Time Out on the Water

More so than anything else, you will want to spend time out on the water that you are fishing on. This is the only way you will get better at this sport. It will help you understand the subtle changes relating to weather conditions and how that affects the fish. You will become a better fisherman if you understand their patterns when it rains or when the lake temperature drops or rises.

The best gift you can give dad this Father’s Day is to spend quality time together. But if you really want to up your game, spending that time on the water fishing will have you in dads good books for years to come! These tips will have dad fishing like a pro so he can land the big one for Father’s Day!