Here’s a real life, unedited story of how the BOATsmart! program helped a young family. We’d be happy to share your story, email us at [email protected].

Hi Boatsmart,

My husband and I recently took your exam because we had just bought our first boat – a 23 foot wakesurfer. We took this boat out for the first time on Saturday, July 2.

After being in the water for about 1 hour and in the middle of Christina Lake, BC – north end, we noticed there was something wrong.

The boat seemed to be taking on water – and not because we forgot to put the plugs in. Way too much water. We made the decision to head back, there was no beach around so we stuck relatively close to shore but the water problem got worse. The back of the boat was dragging badly.

We flagged down a boat which came to our aide, passed off our 4 year old son, and continued on with the other boat near by.

I hauled out the hand pump bilge (as the boat one wasn’t working) and started pumping while my husband drove. I was able to keep ahead of the incoming water in the engine compartment. We managed to get to shore safely. Nothing was lost. Although our boat mechanic has much work ahead.

What I want to thank is that we stayed calm and had all the right tools on board our boat because of your course. The hand bilge pump saved our boat – an item we would not have likely had on hand before taking the boat smart exam.

Please feel free to use my email and comments.  Once again, thank you for the information you taught us in your material.  It saved our boat and our sanity.



be BOATSMART safe!